8 Step-able Groundcovers for Your Yard

 Plants that create thick and lush ground cover are important elements in your landscape, planters, and flower beds.   In your high traffic areas, you want to make sure that the ground covers you include are ones that will tolerate some foot traffic.  Here are several beautiful ground covers that would be perfect:   Blue [...]

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5 Bold & Beautiful Yellow Flowering Plants

Landscaping and gardening with bright and beautiful varieties of colorful flowers, bushes, and various plants is a great way to have some fun around your home. Yellow flowering plants have a vibrant way of adding a glow to a flower garden.  Whether you pick just a couple of your favorite colors, or go for a [...]

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10 Gardener Gifts for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner you may want to consider some of these fun and unique gardener gift ideas for the green thumb in your life.  Ranging from eclectic too practical, here are 10 gifts that every gardener would love to receive!         For the gardener who enjoys their rose bushes, but struggles with those [...]

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Spooky Halloween Décor without Grossing You Out!

One of the greatest things about the fall season is Halloween!  Along with the spooky witches and wizards trick-or-treating around the neighborhood comes the spooky yard décor that pulls everyone into the festive mood.  Here are just a few unique Halloween yard décor ideas to inspire your own seasonal displays. Have you ever considered making [...]

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Nearly Free Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas

After the summer growing season and beauty of the fall leaves comes Halloween, a slower time for most home gardeners, but certainly a season when you can still enjoy your outdoor spaces.  Add a little Halloween sparkle to your yard this year, with these free outdoor fall decorating ideas.  Using plants and harvest from your [...]

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Vibrant Perennial Plants in Your Zone

Every gardener loves their perennial plants, those plants that keep coming back year after year bring vibrant color to your landscape.  However, if you have ever planted one of those beloved perennials, hoping to get that repeat performance year after year, and it simply died or failed to thrive, perhaps you chose a plant that [...]

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