After the summer growing season and beauty of the fall leaves comes Halloween, a slower time for most home gardeners, but certainly a season when you can still enjoy your outdoor spaces.

 Add a little Halloween sparkle to your yard this year, with these free outdoor fall decorating ideas.  Using plants and harvest from your garden to decorate, bring out a festive, at no cost to you.

A quick and easy addition to your Halloween inspired landscape is a few well-placed plants potted inside of plastic cauldrons!  It’s as simple as a little bit of potting soil, some fresh plants, and a couple of witches’ cauldrons from your local party supply store and you are well on your way to a simple scary scene.

Some seasonal blossoms are something to think about when you are planting your garden in the spring – if you plant some late blooming flowers along your walks and drive that have yellow and orange blossoms you can create a naturally festive scene.


pumpkin fall decor 1

Nothing says Halloween and Fall more than bright orange pumpkins!  These seasonal plants are a great way to add festive touches to your landscape.  Uncut pumpkins can last for several weeks when they are kept outdoors in the nice cool fall air.

 Additionally, there are many varieties of gourds and squashes that come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.  These work really great in combination with the more transitional orange jack-o-lantern style pumpkins.  Consider creating some seasonal displays with groups of pumpkins and gourds.

Dried corn stalks are another great resources for Halloween décor.  Tie a dozen or so stalks together with some fun ribbon, near front doors or patios.  


If you want to kick up the scare factor you may want to place some spooky skeletons and ghosts throughout the landscape – poking out from the bushes, hiding behind trees, a few bones here and there scattered throughout your garden plot is certain to give everyone a momentary fright.