Plants that create thick and lush ground cover are important elements in your landscape, planters, and flower beds.  

In your high traffic areas, you want to make sure that the garden groundcovers you include are ones that will tolerate some foot traffic.  Here are several beautiful ground covers that would be perfect:

Blue Star Creeper

this lovely ground cover is the perfect choice for shady areas and corners of your landscape.  The petite star-shaped blue flowers that cover the plants in late spring and early summer bring an eye-catching touch to this sturdy and step-able groundcover.



This unexpected ground cover makes a great colorful addition to heavily shaded areas of your yard.  The mature plants only grow a few inches tall but slowly grow into a lush and full ground cover.


   Creeping Jenny

This great groundcover thrives in both sun and partial shade areas.  However, to keep these plants healthy and growing they require a small amount of continuous moisture.  Another attractive feature of these plants is that they keep their color throughout the fall and winter months.




This lovely plant comes is sun loving and comes in a variety of blossom colors.  The needle shaped green foliage brings a little surprise twist to this durable groundcover.


      John Creech

This popular ground cover is a common addition to rock gardens and can often be found spilling over rocks and walls.  These plants require very little maintenance and don’t grow to more than about 6” tall.

John Creech_ground_cover

 Wooly Thyme

If you have some larger areas that you would like to fill with some hardy and sturdy ground cover then this is the perfect choice.  Wooly Thyme grows by stretching out its stems in long flat directions that will easily cover stairs, sidewalks, pathways, etc.  Once this plant is established and mature it requires very little water and maintenance.

 Wooly Thyme_ground_cover