Landscaping and gardening with bright and beautiful varieties of colorful flowers, bushes, and various plants is a great way to have some fun around your home. Yellow flowering plants have a vibrant way of adding a glow to a flower garden. 

Whether you pick just a couple of your favorite colors, or go for a large array of shades, flowering plants can quickly bring a smile to your face and give your landscape a unique personality.  Here are 5 yellow flowering plants that will create a bright and bold garden!

 Basket of Gold:

This perennial alyssum creates a gorgeous and inviting display of petite yellow flowers throughout the spring months.  This lovely flower is very drought tolerant, disease resistant, and does best when it gets full sun.  Another added benefit to the Basket of Gold plants is that they often attract butterflies.



    ‘Buttered Popcorn’ Daylily

This beautiful flowering plant brings stunning 6” yellow blooms in the summer.  They have a lovely fragrance, and will continue to re-bloom throughout the summer and fall.  Daylilies are some of the easiest plants to grow as they are very tolerant of both drought to wet soils.  These plants can also thrive in container gardens.


      Goldstrum Black-Eyed Susan

These traditional and well known flowers create wonderful pops of color throughout your landscape.  They bloom throughout the summer and fall, and create great visual texture to your flower beds when planted in large groups.  This native American wildflower is not adversely affected by drought conditions or garden insects and various pests.


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