A beautiful pathway to a garden, backyard, or patio area is one of those projects that you wish you would have done sooner. There are so many options to make it easy and inexpensive, and most of them can be done in a weekend with time to enjoy a BBQ on Sunday night.  I hope these pathway ideas help inspire you to make improvements to your own home!

garden pathway

Mulch or gravel paths are the easiest and least expensive. All that’s required is moving the sod, roll out a bit of landscape fabric and cover with rock. They can wind anyway you’d like and you can use metal, stone, or curved concrete edging. Walking through a mulch or gravel path is usually comfortable, but if you need to use the path for transporting anything, it’s less than ideal. If you’ve ever tried to pull a barbeque grill through sand you know what I’m talking about.

wood pathway



Stepping stone paths are fast and easy, particularly if you’re going through grass. All you need to do it place the stones and then use them as a stencil to cut out the grass around them. Allow a little distance between the stones to get more distance, and create a uniform look. The best stepping stones are usually two inches thick and about 18 or more inches across.




If you have a particularly long path, consider adding something interesting along the way. You can add shapely boulders, plants like thyme or succulents between the paving stones, or even a stone bench along the side.

Stamped concrete, brick, or professional pavers are also beautiful options. These take a slightly higher budget and a longer timeline, but they create a permanent fixture that is absolutely beautiful and efficient to use for entertaining and outdoor events.

gravel pathway


Pathways are a great way to create an entrance to the backyard from the front of the property, or connect two parts of the garden, or create a nice sitting area in the backyard. Any pathway idea you choose should be the perfect combination of convenience and beauty that gives your home an elegance you can be proud of.



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