If you have ever planted a garden and forgotten to mark the rows of seedlings with garden markers, chances are you were confused and surprised by what came up and where.  Many plants can look similar in the early stages of growth so having a good marking system is very important to the success of your garden.  Here are 10 great ideas for garden markers:

      Everyone loves a cute garden gnome, so how about some fun little gnome markers!


Gnome Markers

      If a more subtle and sophisticated look is what you are aiming at then consider crafting some of these clay and stamp markers


Clay Markers

      Perhaps you are looking for something with some height in order to be noticed above some existing foliage – these simple little garden markers are just the thing

high plant markers

      These simple and rustic plant markers won’t disappoint.  They are simple yet are elegant. 


Twig Markers

      These markers serve a dual purpose – they easily identify the plants growing in each respective row, but by keeping the seed packet they also give the at home gardener lots of good information about those plants right at your fingertips


Jar Markers


      With a few wooden stakes and some chalkboard vinyl you can make these re-usable, changeable garden markers


Chalkboard Markers

      These garden markers made out of polymer clay add a fun touch of whimsy to any garden


Clay Plant Markers


      For a more artistic approach check out these fun plant markers


      Lets put all those rocks that you removed from your garden soil to good use by turning them into some cute little row markers


  With a few paint sticks from your local hardware store you can make these fun and colorful garden markers that are sure to stand out and grab your attention.  This makes these markers practically free to


Paint Stick Markers

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