Everyone knows that sunshine is a key ingredient to a successful garden and landscape, the warm and nutrients generated by natural sunlight are the perfectly made for gorgeous blooms, thriving lawns, and full blooming trees.  However, even the most well coordinated and planned landscape will inevitably have some shady corners and areas that are a little more challenging to fill with healthy flourishing plants.

 If you find yourself in this predicament, here are 10 shade loving plants that will bring plenty of life and beauty to your shady spots.


This great shade loving plant brings lots of color and beauty to any shady landscape, producing colorful spikes of flowers throughout the summer months.  This plant is known to attract butterflies and is fairly drought resistant.


If you are looking to fill some shady space with some full and spacious green foliage then hostas make the perfect choice!  They come in many varieties, each with some variation to the leaf pattern and coloration.




These lovely petite flowers make a beautiful addition to your shade corners.  An added benefit to adding these plants to your landscape is that the green foliage stays green all year long.




These over-sized blooms are a fun and quirky addition to your shade gardens.  These flowers have an almost Dr. Seuss effect, bringing a smile to the face of all your garden visitors.  They come in a variety of colors, and can also make a great addition to containers and planters.



These bright and sassy flowers are a great choice for shady soil areas where the soil tends to remain moist and damp (but not soggy).  With lots of color options, there is certainly a perfect begonia for every gardener.


While this shade plant doesn’t bring on any large flowers, the leaves display great contrasting colors that are very eye catching!  These plants also do very well in pots and container gardens.



This unique shade loving plant blooms with silver-green foliage and petite flowers that come on in the spring, with one plant potential blooming with several colors of flowers.