Natural hedges make great additions to many landscapes.  They are a great way to divide your landscape into different zones, make wonderful borders, and offer a surprising variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and types.  Here are 10 of the best hedge plants by growing zone.  

Need a natural fence line or garden edge? These beautiful hedge plants will upgrade your yard!

If you are unsure on what plant zone you live in, take a minute to read the following link: Do You Know What Your Gardening Zone Is?  or quickly check out this map for a general look at the USA map. 


Zone 2

        Red Twig Dogwood: this selection makes a stunning hedge with its bright red color.  This plant is drought tolerant, does very well with temperature extremes, and displays its brightest reds during the winter months.

Zone 3

        Snowball Bush: this very showy and eye-catching bush makes wonderful hedges, producing large with blossoms in late spring.  The blooms will continue for many weeks providing lovely flowers that usher in the summer growing season. has paired up with nurseries around the globe to sell plants online.  You can find this snowball bush here and have it mailed to your front door. 


Columnar Norway Spruce: is a great evergreen option if you don’t want a flowering hedge.  Plant them close together and prune them to your desired height.  #2 Zone residents, this will work in your area too!  If you need several trees, you can buy 25
seedlings on amazon for about $1 each!
columnar hedge tree


Zone 4

        Indigo Gem Haskap: a great benefit to this selection is that is extremely tolerant of cold temperatures.  It produces berries that resemble blue berries that create a wonderfully fresh aroma.

Arborvitae: is a great evergreen option if you don’t want any flowers or berries.  This dense tree as a neat, more formal look for a beautiful fence line. It is fast growing, blocks wind well and requires little watering- win-win!

hedge evergreen

Zone 5

        Japanese Yew: This selection creates a solid privacy barrier and thick hedge.  In the winter months you can enjoy the visual contrast of small bright red berries against the dark lush evergreen.

japanese yew hedge

berry hedges diy

Zone 6

        Boxwood: this hedge plant selection is a very traditional choice because it is so beautiful!  They are fairly drought tolerant, and do best in soil with excellent drainage.  One important requirement for Boxwood plants to thrive is that they are located in partial to full shade. I love the depth of color these plants create. 



Zone 7

        Lavender: this lovely choice is defined by the abundance of purple blossoms.  It does well in dry and sunny locations and produces a wonderful aroma.

lavendar hedge

Weigea: Is a beautifully flowering pink shrub that has dark purple-green leaves.  Blooming multiple times during the year, this is sure to add not only a border but beauty to your yard!

hedge plants

Zone 8

        English Laurel: this lovely plant is an evergreen shrub.  If you are looking for a substantial hedge, then this makes a great choice as it can grow up to 20 feet tall and wide!  These plants do well in both sun or partial shade.

english laurel


Zone 9

         Firethorn Bush: This plant is perfect for the beginning gardener, because it is very easy to grow.  It can grow in shade or sun, and in dry or wet soils. This bush has tiny white blossoms in the summer and beautiful red berries in the fall. 



Zone 10

        Laurustinus: this plant creates a bushy evergreen hedge that can become easily overgrown and unruly without aggressive pruning and trimming.  This hedge plant produces a lovely pink blossom that adds a welcome pop of color to your landscape.

Zone 11

        Elaeagnus: the hedge plant is identified by its dark green foliage that have a silver toned underside.  They are known to be drought resistant and will thrive in both full sun and partial shade.


Remember to prune your shrubs each winter, when the plant is dormant.  Maintain the shape through spring and summer.  Avoid pruning in the fall, to prevent exposing branches to freezing during winter.   If you’d like more ideas for your yard borders check out: 11 Beautiful Lawn Edging Ideas

Need a natural border or fence line? Maybe just beautiful shrubs? Learn what are the best hedge plants in your planting zone!
Need a natural border or fence line? Maybe just beautiful shrubs? Learn what are the best hedge plants in your planting zone!
Hedges make great natural fences, learn 10 Great Hedge plants for your yard!
Check out these beautiful hedge plant options!
Beautiful hedge plants!!