I know this isn’t about gardening, but with the cooler nights and my plants full of produce, I can’t help but look forward to October, and my favorite holiday Halloween! 

When husbands everywhere are dreading the day their wife comes to them telling them what form of humiliation they’ll take on this year for the family Halloween costume. Here’s the thing, those husbands that are willing to dress up in a ridiculous costume for the sake of their kids are actually the real heroes of the day. Halloween is about kids, families, and sugar. 

Instead of dreading the thought of dressing up like a giant marshmallow, embrace the costumes and create memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, if you’re lucky you’ll get to be the superhero you’ve wanted to be your entire life. Ok fine, you can be a storm trooper too.

This little Dorothy has a world-class support team behind her. This darling family costume is pretty easy to put together, even at the last minute. As long as Dorothy has her red shoes and ToTo by her side, you’re good to go.


Hopefully, you don’t have 101 little ones to dress up, but just in case you do, we’ve got the perfect costume idea for you. Mom gets a fabulous coat, all the little one stay warm in their puppy suits, and dad basically just needs a turtleneck and a fedora.


Chances are you might have to educate your kids on who Waldo actually is, but all of the millennials in your neighborhood will love this family costume. It becomes especially appropriate when you lose one during trick or treating.


This dad is loving life and the rest of the family looks pretty darn happy as well. Pull out all the stops, go big or go home, and make it a super hero Halloween. Pretty sure you’ll have no complaints from anyone with this classic costume idea.

super Halloween costume

If your kids haven’t seen Sandlot, you’re not really parenting. If they have, they’ll love this idea. Of course, you have to have the most perfect family dog to pull it off authentically.

A circus theme is a timeless Halloween idea for families of all shapes and sizes. With the Greatest Showman popularity, you can bet this will be a crowd pleaser this year!  You can go old-fashioned circus like this one, or take a more modern approach. Either way, it’s a classic.

family costume

No time? No problem! This emoji family is darling and simple and requires just a little cardboard and paint. Choose your favorite expression and take a selfie!

easy costume

Halloween costumes are on every mom's mind lately! Want to dress up as a family this year? Check out the best family options on the web. Embrace the costumes and create memories that will last a lifetime.