I’m pretty sure my hose has a mind if its own. I do my best to keep it wrangled, but even when I roll it up neatly, I will inevitably spend my weekends trying to untangle the heavy beast time and time again. Whether I’m trying to water my garden or entertain my kids, the hose seems to be the never-ending necessary evil of summer.

Not anymore! This is the year that I conquer the hose battle once and for all. With a little research, I found so many good ideas for hose storage that keep things need, tidy, and easy to use. If you share the same green battle that I do, take a look at these:

For the DIY lover, this is such an easy project. All it takes is a 4×4 post, hook, and final for the final touch. This black is classy, but you can paint any color you’d like to be inconspicuous or fun and bright addition to your garden.

4×4 hose storage

Cute bucket, or functional hose wrangler? How about both! I found several products like these in a variety of styles to match your home. Although you still have to wrap the hose up yourself, this definitely keeps it contained.

Bucket holder

If you have one of those lightweight coil hoses, a simple PVC pipe is a great way to keep it contained. It also provides an easy place to hook in the sprayer so you’re always ready to go.

diy hose storage ideas

PVC hose storage holder

If you only have a couple of minutes, you can still create an effective hose storage solution. One small hook strategically placed on the side of the house or fence is all you need. Be sure to put it in a sturdy area, so it can handle the weight of the hose. This idea might be my favorite simple because it’s so simple.

Simple hook storage 

Got a bucket? Problem solved! This is another super simple solution it makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it first. I love the look of a rustic galvanized bucket anyway, the fact that it’s functional is an added bonus.

farmhouse hose holder

For the ultimate in hose storage, this outdoor solution has my whole heart. It’s a sink, storage solution, hose wrangler, and counter space all in one. Can you even handle the possibilities of this in your backyard? Filling water balloons, potting plants, cleaning messes, I’m pretty sure I need it.

Amazon hose holder