Growing a garden can be a very fulfilling experience, something that connects you to the earth brings you into an active role in providing a bountiful harvest.  So many of our parents and grandparents grew up in locations and circumstances that allowed families to grow and cultivate large vegetable gardens.  Sadly, with the demographic shift away from farming towards a more urban setting, many of us do not have the space or knowledge to grow our own produce.

 If this is the situation you find yourself in DO NOT be discouraged!  With the ever growing popularity of balcony and container gardening, even with a small amount of space and effort you too can be enjoying a wonderful harvest season.  Here is a list of 9 potable vegetable plants that will get you started on the right foot:


 Herbs of all varieties usually do great in containers.  Remember that they will need full sun, and watering requirements can vary greatly by type so make sure to do a little research of what type of herb you are growing.


 If you have a container that is narrow and deep then carrots are the perfect choice!  The container should be 12 inches deep at a minimum.


  Bell Peppers do very well in containers because they do not need a large amount of soil and space.  1 plant only needs a container that is about 2 gallons big.


  There are so many varieties of tomatoes that you may find yourself with several containers of them!  Remember that they bigger the fruit, the bigger the pot requirements.  Also, keep in mind that the fruit will weigh down the branches so add some supports or a cage to give the plant a little extra help.


  These plants are very hardy and easy to grow almost anywhere.  Another great thing about zucchini plants is that they produce A LOT of squashes, even up to several per week from a healthy plant.


   This green grows really well in containers.  One thing to keep in mind about spinach plants is that they are generally pretty sensitive to direct sunlight so if you have a shady spot then that may be just the spot.



These are a great selection for container gardening because, with proper attention and care, you can keep these plants producing throughout the winter months!  The cucumbers from on vines so they will need something to grow up, and the cucumbers themselves can get pretty heavy so make sure to harvest them promptly when ripe to keep the vines healthy and strong.


  You may be surprised that potatoes are a good choice for container gardening.  If you have a couple of 5 gallon buckets, then you may consider planting potatoes.  These plants are a little sensitive to over watering, so make sure that the drainage is good on whatever type of container that you choose.

      Sugar Snap Peas

  These delicious peas are good climbers so they will need some support for the vines as they get bigger and longer.  Peas are best when started early in the growing season so plant these in the spring for the greatest amount of harvest opportunities.