Climbing plants are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. When used correctly, they provide beautiful shade, stunning backdrops, and they are generally a pretty forgiving plant for novice gardeners. Climbing plants are perfect for pergolas and arbors to create a beautiful canopy, and can be a nice edition to large or small gardens to give some visual height. You can also use climbing plants to cover up unsightly areas of your property, or cover bare walls and fences. Here’s 12 beautiful climbing plants that are perfect to try in your space.


Clematis is a popular choice because it’s a climbing plant with lots of flower blooms starting from spring. It is friendly with other plants to create a beautiful garden view and creates a large, thick, wide coverage.


These charming flower plants come in white, purple, pink or blue. They are happiest in sunny areas or at most slight shade. Wistera is best purchased from cuttings because seeds take quite a bit of time to flower.


This is a climbing plant that is both beautiful and fragrant. It’s a forgiving plant that is happy over an arch or pergola, and commands attention because of its light smelling blooms. It grows fairly quickly, so if you’re looking for fast results, this is a great choice.

Trumpet Vine (Campsis):

This is a beginner-friendly climbing plant that gives very bold, rewarding, bright flowers during the summer. It attracts hummingbirds, and it can grow in virtually any conditions (sun, shade, hot, cold, and even drought conditions).


This is, by no contest, the most intense climbing flower. It will likely produce scent you can smell around the block. It works best in warm, humid climates and blooms all year long.  jasmine is the most intense flower. Its fragrance can be smelt from far-far away. So if you love fragrant plants, grow it. In warm and humid climates jasmine blooms year round. In cooler zones, grow it as annual.

Climbing Roses:

Climbing roses are an absolutely beautiful addition, but they do require a little more attention. They must be trained the right way and they don’t necessarily bloom quickly. Climbing roses are charming and romantic, but requires patience to get the result you want.

Morning Glory:

morning glory

Morning glory is called “Heavenly Blue” for a reason. It has a superb flower from summer to autumn, it’s relatively easy to grow, and pleasant to look at.


This is a night-bloomer, making it perfect for covering a pergola over an entertaining space. It has fragrant flowers that are open from sundown to sunup throughout summer and fall.

Grape Vine:

Why not have your vines and eat ‘em too? This is a great option because it climbs well and provides a beautiful and delicious fruit for juicing, canning, or snacking. It grows in a variety of climates and can be trained to grow exactly where you want it.

Virginia Creeper:

Virginia creeper is a very rewarding choice if you need a quick cover. It grows quickly and clings easily. While it doesn’t provide blooms, the leaves turn beautiful colors in the fall.



While most people know hops as a key ingredient in beer, the hop vine is a beautiful plant that works perfectly in most gardens. It has large leaves that can climb up to 12 inches a day and up to 25 feet tall.

Butterfly Pea:

This is a beautiful green climbing vine with deep blue flowers. It is a tropical vine and provides the best food source for butterflies. If you’re looking to add a spectacle to your garden and invite beautiful butterflies as well, this is a great choice.

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Take a minute to learn 12 beautiful climbing plants for your home!

12 Beautiful climbing plants perfect for pergola, terrace or walls. </div

Check out these 12 Beautiful climbing plants, perfect for any pergola, fence line, wall or garden trellis. ,