So many of us have vegetable garden plots in our back yards.  Some are full of thriving plants, and some are . . . . . not.

The potential for saving money and promoting healthy organic living is exponential as you invest that time and energy into your garden. 

Did you know that a simple 16×10 foot garden plot can grow enough food to feed a family of four for an entire summer with some to spare for canning or food storage!  A simple $3 tomato plant, properly tended to, can produce upwards of 20 pounds of tomatoes throughout the growing season!  

How to grow organically

Here are a few more great ways to save money and grow organic food:

1) Find some great motivation!  A great way to feel like all your efforts really paid off is to keep track of how many pounds of food you harvest and calculate what that would cost you to purchase at your local grocery store.  The financial savings add up really fast!  The tomato plant example noted above is a great case in point – a $2 investment in a tomato plant that produces 20 lbs of tomatoes (let’s average at 1.98/lb) gives you $39.60 worth of tomatoes.

2) Learn how to preserve your harvest.  Often you can be pleasantly surprised by how much a single garden plant can produce.  If your family can’t consume all the fresh produce before it spoils, don’t let it go to waste!  Canning, freezing, and freeze drying are great ways to prolong and preserve your harvest and gives your family a chance to eat healthy, organic, home grown vegetables and fruits all year long.  

organic tomatoes

3)  The financial savings of growing your own organic produce can reach far beyond just the cost of purchasing the food – sustaining your family out of your home garden also provides excellent health benefits!  Eating a ‘rainbow’ of freshly grown fruits and veggies that are free from commercial pesticides and shelf-stabilizing preservatives has many documented long-lasting and reaching benefits to your overall health and wellness.

Overall, the noted benefits of growing your own vegetables and fruits, harvesting them, preserving them, and enjoying them straight from the vine, bush, or tree, are many and far reaching.  If for no other reason, give growing your own produce a try, and your grocery budget will reap the rewards in no time at all!