Check back over your Pinterest boards for your most beloved interior design photos. Chances are they all have one thing in common: plants. Greenery is the best way to make any space feel bright, lively, and gorgeous. Adding plants literally brings new life into any space.

There are lots of neat ways to decorate with plants so that you can mix it up and enjoy a variety of beauty, character, texture, and good energy into every room.

Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, taking care of living plants in your home brings a calming sense of meditation as you care for them and watch them grow. These plant ideas are easy to implement and simple to maintain.

First, choose the right plants. Look at your local nursery and pay attention to what the plant tag says about light:

  •     Direct Light: This plant needs six or more hours of bright sunshine a day, hitting it head-on. These are going to be hard to keep alive and happy inside unless you have a sunroom or bright porch window.
  •     Moderate Light:This plant needs bright, direct sunshine only part of the time—about four hours a day. These can work well in an east or west facing window.
  •     Indirect Light:This plant needs to be kept a few feet away from pounding sun at all times. It wants only ambient light. These can thrive inside, but still need to be near a window.
  •     Low Light:If the tag says low light, the plant needs no direct sunshine and little ambient light. It’s happy in a room that never gets much sun. These are perfect bedroom or office plants.

Get to know the light in your home simply by observing it. Where does your natural light flow. How much natural light do you get that’s not blocked by other buildings or trees?  That’s the best way to figure out what plants you can accommodate and where they should live.

Once you know what plants will grow best in your space, it’s time to style them!

  •     Use a simple cart is a great way to incorporate plants without cluttering up your existing surfaces. Add tons of plants and create a lively little plant shrine.
  •     Macrame Hangers are very trendy right now. You can hang one near the window in the living space or kitchen and enjoy a beautiful plant that’s easy to care for.
  •     If you prefer to stick with simple plants like succulents, create an interesting assembly by mixing round, pointy, shiny, and matte plants, with matching pots in a cohesive color palette.


  •     Plants can be a great solution for odd corner of the room where nothing else seems to fit.
  •     Consider plants in the same way you’d consider furniture or artwork. They can add color, shape, and life to a room that is otherwise bland and boring.
  •     Use plants as a major feature of the room creating an interesting conversation piece.


Plants are a powerful tool in any design arsenal. Whether you prefer to use them as a major feature or just a last-minute detail, any room can be enhanced with a little extra green.