With fall quickly approaching we are all looking for creative and fun ways to use some of those festive and seasonal cornstalks in our outdoor décor.  There are many ways to incorporate these seasonal elements into our landscape – here are some idea to get your creative juices flowing!

     A simple and straightforward use for cornstalks is to flank your front door with bunches ties together with some decorative ribbon.  To flesh out this look add some various sizes of seasonal gourds and pumpkins to add some pops of color.

    Attach some cornstalks to the upright post of your mailbox to give everyone who drives by a seasonal surprise.


    Cornstalks standing in large planters or decorative baskets make great landscape décor that are easy to place all around your yard or home.

       Similar to the cornstalks around your front door, if you have columns around your porch or patio consider wrapping each column with them to make a big fall décor statement around your home.

      Create a large bundle of cornstalks that are freestanding with a tall shepherds hook up through the middle, held together with decorative twine or ribbons.  One you have placed the bundle in your yard, hang a lantern from the hook with a battery powered candle inside.  In the evening hours the light from the candle/lantern will cast a beautiful glow over the décor.

    With a little creative effort, cornhusks can be worked into large festive garlands that you can place around door frames and windows. 

constalk wreath

     The leafy tops of the cornhusks can be used to create a beautiful wreath that makes a great seasonal addition to your front door.


Stonegable did a beautiful job adding parts of the corn stalk to a centerpiece.  It is a great filler that helps surrounding colors really pop.  

Fall is a beautiful time of year for our gardens and landscapes!  There is so many options with the lovely fall foliage and colors making it easy to breathe life and beauty into your gardens even beyond the traditional growing season.