Does putting your garden to bed bring about bouts of sadness while waiting for Spring? For most of the country, winter is the quiet season for gardeners, but not anymore.  These beautiful garden varieties bloom throughout winter to give you a boost of color when everything else is long gone.  Check out these beautiful winter plants that give more color to your garden!

1-Winter pansies are the gold-medalists of cold weather flower. They can actually freeze solid and still emerge ready to grow and flower. These are not frost tolerant, but work great in beds or containers and give a nice bright color.

2-Christmas rose is a perennial flower with leathery, dark green leaves. It stands up like an umbrella happy to hold the snow. They can survive easily to Zone 5, sometimes up to Zone 3. Once it gets warm enough to bloom (usually February or March but could be as soon as January), dainty and delicate snowdrop buds appear. They are small, but mighty enough to push through the snow and ice. Best of all, deer don’t like them at all.  I can’t find this flower at my local shop, But you can buy a pack of seeds here on amazon.