Healthy and thriving rose bushes in full bloom are often considered the crowning glory in any landscape.  There are a huge variety of roses to choose from, every color, size, shape, and growing patterns (i.e. vines or bushes) have been developed giving every home gardener able to find a rose that is just right for their unique wants and circumstances.  

Below is a list of the most popular and widely desired roses along with a link to some specific information about each type.  Enjoy and get planting today!

Knock Out Roses

 with its bright red blooms that maintain their beauty and vitality all season long, the Knock Out rose bush is one of the most popular for home gardeners.  These plants are fairly drought resistant and the bright red flowers epitomize the classic desirable rose.


This elegant rose is a great and somewhat unexpected addition to any landscape, with its pure white flowers that cover the bush all the way down to the ground.  This variety of rose bush is also known for its superior disease resistance qualities.

snowdrift roses
snowdrift roses

    Grandma’s Blessing

This lovely rose blooms with 4” dusty rose flowers that recur throughout the growing season.  The foliage is very dark green and the entire plant is very disease resistant.  These roses are great for creating low hedges and path borders.

grandma’s Blessing roses

     Kiss Me

The Kiss Me rose is widely known for its strong and desirable fragrance.  Blooming with clusters of feathery pink flowers, this rose variety is a great addition to your home landscape and flower beds.

kissme roses


This variety produces large vibrant red roses that are stunningly eye-catching.  This plant, if given the proper space and nutrition, will grow up 5-6 feet tall.


      Yellow Submarine

This unique rose is a great addition to your landscape with its desirable yellow blooms.  Classified as a shrub rose, the yellow submarine plants make a great addition to border or hedge.