Garden Lovin

Nothing is worse than planting a beautiful plant only to realize it smells like your old Aunt Martha’s sour perfume. When planning your garden, particularly plants that are along a walkway or near the porch, consider these 10 aromatic plants that are both beautiful and welcoming.

    Lilium ‘Star Gazer’

This is one of the most popular scented flowers because it is as beautiful as it is sweet. They grow tall and have the strongest scent in the afternoon. They are also beautiful for cut bouquets.


This plant can grow wide and tall with a scent that is a combination of sweet pea, vanilla, and jasmine. It is a wonderful option for growing over an arbor or up a trellis. It can be trained to grow as a free-standing tree, but must be thinned out to ovoid overgrowing.

    Carol Mackie

The Carol Mackie gives off a fresh lemon scent, especially in early spring. They are a little bit temperamental and need to be watered regularly, but too much water can cause them to die prematurely. If you can handle their needs, they are a beautiful dream plant that smells fresh and clean.

    Black Actea

This plant is also known as “Black Negligee” because it is sexy and a bit mysterious. It smells like a combination of baby powder and fruity tones that is pleasant and relaxing.  The leaves are purplish black and when it grows tall, it sprouts wants with small white flowers that may attract birds in the fall.

    Lily of the Valley

This little plant packs big-time fragrance. Although it is short, it gives off a fine scent. It works well as a ground cover because it spreads over time. To maintain growth, it should be divided in the fall.

    Chaste Tree

The Chaste tree is a large shrub that blooms in early fall and adds beautiful scent and color to a garden. The Chaste tree doesn’t usually get it’s leaves until early summer, but then develops beautiful blue flowers similar to a lilac bush, but with a much sweeter scent.

    Pink Dawn

This plant starts as burgundy buds in the spring, green bulbs in the summer that switch to red before blossoming into beautiful pink flower clusters that bloom on bare branches through midwinter. The fragrance is spice and sweet and creates a beautiful addition in the colder months, when most other plants are no longer providing color or scent.

    English Lavender 

This is an herb garden staple because of its pleasant scent. It can also be used for culinary purposes but the beautiful flowers and calming scent provides numerous benefits.

    Fragrant viburnum (Viburnum x carlcephalum)

One of my all time favorite flowers are often called snowballs. This fragrant variety gives the same beautiful white flowers in late spring along with a fresh floral scent.


These fragrant flowers can be seen as pink, white, or red, and give off a spicy scent. The evergreen clumps give a nice look through the winter.


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