Everyone enjoys the bounties that come from a successful garden during the summer months.  Soemtimes we have too much for ourselves.  Create wonderful and heartfelt neighbor gifts for your friends using your garden harvest. 

Gifting your harvest is a great way to share in the rewards of your hard work and provides a gift that has greater meaning and purpose.  Here are 7 Homemade Neighbor gift ideas using plants from your garden harvest:

      Homemade Chili Flakes: these little gems make a great addition to soups, casseroles, even breads and muffins!

garden harvest gift 1

Chili Flakes


      Sweet and Spicy Pepper Jelly: this is a delicious jelly that is easy to make, makes a great bottled gift, and is a great go-to ingredient for appetizers, wonton filling, or to top sautéed vegetables or grilled chicken and beef.  It is a makes great neighbor gifts!

garden harvest gift 2

Pepper Jelly


      Dried herbs: if you have an overabundance of herbs from your garden, dry them and fill decorative jars with these wonderful and fragrant spices.  They make a great addition to a variety of recipes and are sure to brighten up anyone’s kitchen through the holiday season

garden harvest gift 3

Dried Herbs

      Apple Spice Potpourri Sachet Bags: not all gifts from the garden have to be edible – these lovely sachet bags made from things grown right in your own garden will bring warmth and a festive atmosphere to any home.

don't use garden harvest gift 4

Apple Spices

      Garden Candles: share the beauty of your garden’s floral abundance by adding pressed leaves and flowers to store bought candles.  This is a lovely gift that can be enjoyed throughout the coming year

dont usegardent harvest gift 5

Flower Candles

      Herb infused oils: this is a great way to use up some of those herbs that you have cultivated throughout the growing season.  Herb infused oils are a wonderful addition to many recipes, and will maintain their freshness and flavor for a few months

garden harvest 5

Herb Oil

      Split bulbs: if you have a favorite flower/bulb in your landscape that you would like to share with friends and family then you may consider this lovely little gift.


Splitting Bulbs

 Salsa: My personal favorite to give and receive!  Did you know that salas is now the number 1 American condiment?  In fact 85% of Americans use it on a regular bases.  When I plan my garden I always grow tomatoes, onions, cilantro and peppers so I can make dozens of jars of salsa.   I love the tag for these homemade neighbor gifts from the crafted sparrow.

garden harvest 7

Salsa Recipe

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