Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year full of family and friends, grateful hearts and festive gatherings.  Using plants in your Thanksgiving centerpieces is a great way to enjoy the bountiful harvest, bringing life and beauty to your holiday décor.  

With so many different approaches to creating a beautiful centerpiece, here are some tips and tricks for working in those living plants to give you a beautiful and lasting centerpiece this holiday season.

First, consider using a variety of succulents to create a lush and green tablescape.  These little beauties have become very popular in recent years making them very easy to find.  

One of the biggest benefits to using these plants in your centerpieces is that they are very low maintenance and require very little water.  Combining these green eye-catching plants with some colorful pumpkins and gourds make a lovely festive display.

centerpieces 2

Second, think outside the box!  If color and a little bit of ‘splash’ is what you are looking for then don’t limit yourself to the very traditional pumpkins and fall leaves.  Poinsettias come in a large variety and can be carried through the rest of the holiday season,and you can use fresh fruits like bright red pomegranates.

centerpiece 3

Next, you will want to use a number of plants in varied shapes and heights.  Use ornamental cabbages for a low growing burst of color, candles with lilies come in a variety of colors and bring some height to your display, and some feathery greenery will bring a lush, full appearance.

centerpieces 1
Finally, incorporating plants into your Thanksgiving centerpiece doesn’t only mean using them in the display, but can also include using plants as the pot/container for your display!  Pumpkins make great ‘planters’ that can be easily displayed on your Thanksgiving table.  Fill them with flowers, succulents, vines, etc, and you are well on your way to having a beautiful, and living, holiday centerpiece this Thanksgiving day.

fall centerpiece 5


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