Water features are a great way to add interest and variety to your garden hardscape.  They have a unique appeal that can quickly turn any everyday space into a welcome oasis.  There is quite a large range of projects that can incorporate water features into your garden, and here are a few DIY projects that you could jump into today!


First – you can easily turn any type of large urn or pottery into a gurgling fountain.  Simply place a small pump underneath the pottery, connect a pipe to the pump that runs up through the container, fill the urn with water, then turn on the pump to keep the overflowing water recycling up through the container.  A smaller size pump in this set up with create a peaceful bubbling water feature that is easy to place in a variety of locations throughout your landscape.



Second – similar to the gurgling fountain is a tiered or stepped water fountain.  By stacking three coordinated containers from larger on bottom to smaller on the top, filling the containers with decorative rocks with a pipe running up through each of the containers that is attached to a pump that is buried underneath, the water will come out of the top, overflow each container, and be recycled throughout the feature as it is collected in the pump basin.


This link will take you to a step by step tutorial for this terra cotta pot fountain.  



Third – you can create a miniature ‘pond’ inside of a large freestanding decorative container.  There are lots of beautiful water plants that can bring color and diversity to your garden and a small water feature is a great way to incorporate those plants.  

Pot your water plants, place those pots inside of the larger decorative container, fill the bottom third with decorative rocks, include a small pond pump to keep the water moving, fill the decorative container with water, and enjoy a miniature freestanding pond!  Water Lilies are a great choice for this type of DIY water feature.


patio pond_cyperus or dwarf papyrus_water lettuce_chameleon plant

Small water features are great projects for most home owners to undertake.  However, medium to large size projects that include special attention to chemical levels, adding a variety of fish and other living things, and complex pump systems are projects that can get away from most of us pretty quickly and are projects that you may want to consider seeking some professional guidance for.  

 Whatever you decide to do with your water features, make sure that the water is not standing, that the water is moving through a pump system of some kind in order to mitigate mosquitos and other pests that are attracted to standing water.  Keeping your water features clean and healthy will go a long way in your enjoyment of them for years to come.

water feature 1


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