If you are looking for a great way to add interest, organization, or just spruce up your bedding area, look across the pond. If you walk through British flower gardens very long, you’ll notice an overabundance of clematis, pergolas, arches, and fences draped in honeysuckle, ivy, morning glory, vines, and more. Trellis ideas filled with climbing pants is a beautiful way to separate garden areas, fill vertical space, and add a new aspect to your garden bed.

Creating stunning woven trellises may seem overwhelming, but they are easy to do and always worth it. We’ve gathered plenty of ideas from simple to intricate that so you can choose what works for you.

Choosing a Support

When you choose a support, it needs to be sturdy enough for the vines you want to plant. This doesn’t mean your supports need to be made of iron, even something as light as chicken wire can support most climbing plants.

Your support should also be weatherproof such as galvanized or powder-coated steel, painted or treated wood. This is especially important if you are planting a perennial vine.

Some supports are made to be covered, while other are part of the display. Decide whether you want a decorative garden feature like an arbor or obelisk, or whether you want more of an invisible support that only shows off the plant.

Lastly, the type of support you choose may depend on the plants you want. Certain plants climb in different ways. For example, a climbing rose grows very differently than a pole bean. Be sure your support works with the type of plant you want to grow.

Design Options:


Arches add distinctive style to your garden. You can DIY your own arch, or you can buy a premade one in wood, steel, or plastic. The most important aspect of creating an arch design is choosing the right style, size, and placement. Spend some time in your garden visualizing the style and scale to determine what works best for you.

trellis arch

 Flat Trellises:

A flat trellis is a freestanding or anchored lattice panel, metal trellises, plastic mesh, or a variety of materials. These can be used to define a space or provide a little bit of privacy. Sometimes they can become permanent, but they are relatively easy to move around the garden.

wagon wheel trellis garden

Obelisks, tripods and teepees:

These are vertical elements added to a garden bed. I like to think of them like exclamation points, they are most effective when they aren’t overused. Make sure it’s tall enough to support the plant, and also tall enough to make a statement. For example, some type of morning glories can run 8-10 feet tall, and will quickly overpower a 4-foot tripod.


There are climbers to suit almost every type of fencing you can imagine—even chain-link fences. This is good news because you can use the fence you already have. However, you can also use separate porch railings, banisters, or fencing materials to create a trellis anywhere in your landscape.

wall trellis garden ideas

Pot Trellis:

Not all trellis ideas need to be large and overpowering. You can put a small background trellis in a large potted plant. They can offer support to small climbers and look interesting too.

trellis in a pot

Twiggy Branches:

You can create a natural trellis with branches 3-5 feet long and simply push them into the soil. These should be small twigs from a bush rather than a giant log from a tree. If they are the right size, they should be quick to install, almost invisible, and then can be composted and recreated next year.

natural trellis ideas


You can use any wall to create a trellis. The side of your house, or your side of the fence can be the perfect support for t plan that doesn’t require any additional support. Good plants for walls are clinging plants like Boston ivy. Most other plants will need some type of system to attach to.

trellis wall ideas for garden

Which trellis idea stands out the most to you?

If you’d like to try multiple trellises, mix and match in different areas throughout your space. Don’t let the Brits have all the fun. We can embrace more trellis designs in our gardens and take your garden to new heights.

Keep these ideas and pin them!

7 Trellis ideas for climbing plants!
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