There aren’t very many outdoor games that are just as much fun for a five-year-old as they are for a fifty-five-year-old. Enter Minute To Win It. We love Minute To Win It games in our family. They are easy to put together and everyone has fun. Even those who typically sit on the sidelines can’t help but get up and get involved when one of these games is started.

They are quick, one-minute challenges that are simple to understand, but difficult to do. They bring out the silly, competitive, and ridiculous sides of the whole family. If you’ve got a family reunion, family birthday, or an empty Saturday afternoon, we’ve got a few ideas.

    Junk in the Trunk

Simply shake a bunch of ping pong balls out of an empty tissue box that is attached to your rear end. Bust a move and make it quick!

    Squirt Carsminute to win it

Using only squirt guns, race Hot Wheels cars down a track for one minute and hope your trigger finger doesn’t fall off.

    Suck it Upminute to win it suck

 Place a straw in your mouth, use suction only (no hands) to transfer 30 M&Ms from one place to another.

    Tilt a Cup

Create a tower of alternating plastic cups and ping pong balls by bouncing the balls and catching them in cops. Make a tower of eight balls and cups in under a minute

    Stick Itfamily reunion games

Rub Vaseline on a players not, and have them transfer 15 cotton balls from one plate to another.

    Cookie Face

family games

Place a cookie (Oreos or vanilla wafers work great) on each player’s forehead. The player minute get the cookie to their mouth using only their facial muscles.

    Noodle Aroundfamily reunion game

 Pick up 6 pieces of penne pasta, using only a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth. Bon Appetit!

    Tweeze Me

Players must use a set of tweezers to move an entire box of Tic-Tacs through a tennis racket and into a cup.

    Chocolate Unicorn

family game ideas

Simply stack 7 ding dongs on your forehead. The first couple are easy, then it gets real tricky (and a bit sticky)

    Penny Hose

Two pennies are dropped into each side of a standard pair of pantyhose. Using one arm for each side, players must retrieve the pennies. Each arm must stay on its side and cannot be used to stretch or hold the hose for the other.

    Tear It Up

 Tie an empty soda pop can to the end of the toilet paper roll. Break up a toilet paper roll. Place the roll on a dowel held by two people. Using only rubber bands, players much break the toilet paper by shooting rubber bands at it. If you break the paper, you win.