Adding fresh new edging to your current landscape can elevate the entire curb appeal of your home.

Take a look at this before and after:

BEFORE AND AFTER curbing install

The ONLY change is one afternoon of pulling a few plants and adding the edging. It makes a huge difference in creating a clean-cut image. It’s like chopping off the mullet from 4 decades ago and revealing a clean-cut adult.

The good news is, you don’t have to hire a landscaping crew. You don’t even need fancy tools or expensive equipment. If you can line up Hot Wheel cars on the carpet, you can lay edging in the yard. Here’s how:

1. Start by creating a line. A simple garden hose or an old rope does a great job of this. Even if you already have a garden bed, you can change the line if you’d like. Mark the line with landscape paint. Before you move your hose or rope, mark where your line ends, and measure that length. (This will be helpful later when you are standing in Home Depot trying to decide how much material to buy).

diy curbing idea

2. Use a trenching shovel to cut out the grass around your newly established border and be sure you have enough space between the grass and the plants to put in whatever style of curbing you like.

3. Decide what look you’re going for and what style of edging you like most. There are a myriad of options and the possibilities are literally limitless. That might make this step a little overwhelming. Here’s a few of the most popular options:

flower bed curbing diy
· Stone or brick: These are a popular option because they are easy to find and easy to install. If you’re looking to make a big impact without a lot of time, this is where you want to start.

how to install flower bed curbing
· Concrete: This is a little more reliable than stone or brick because there’s absolutely no chance of shifting. However, it is a little more time and labor intensive.

natural rock curbing
· Flat Stone: This creates a larger border which works well for larger plants that might grow over a smaller border.

brick concert curbing ideas
· Cinder Blocks: A very cost effective option that gives you built in pots for annual flowers, but doesn’t work very well at hugging the curves in your line.

wood curbing diy

If you need more ideas on materials to use, check out this article: 11 Beautiful Lawn Edging Ideas

4. Once you know what material you’re looking for, take your measurements to the lawn supply store and buy enough material to cover your length, plus a little extra for error. If you plan on stacking bricks, you’ll need to double the amount and factor that into your total purchase.

5. Now the fun part begins. Start by laying out your stones, bricks, or blocks around the curves. This is often the trickiest part, so it’s good to ensure those look best first. If you’re doing concrete edging, you’ll need to install flexible hardwood first, and secure with wood stakes before your ready to pour the concrete.

installing curbing on grass border

6. If you plan to stay your bricks be sure to alternate directions with the stones so they interlock with each other.

rock curbing ideas diy

Now step back and enjoy your hard work! A nice curbed garden bed brings a finished and polished look to your landscape without costing you a lot of time or money. Oh, and if you haven’t cleaned up the mullet yet – let’s get that taken care of too.

Adding fresh new edging to your current landscape can elevate the entire curb appeal of your home. Learn how to install curbing in your yard!
Install curbing easily with this great tutorial!
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