Time to stock up on Benedryl and calamine lotion, it’s mosquito season. Mosquito eggs become full fledge adults in less than a week and the multiply by the thousands. With over 150 species of mosquito bugs in North America, these picnic pests are bound to be wherever you are this summer. This year, lets get rid of mosquitoes!

I hate mosquito bites, but I might hate bug spray even more. Most conventional mosquito repellents irritate the skin, smell horrible, and don’t work that well anyway. There has to be a better way, right? I found several remedies online that claim to keep mosquitos away just as good (or better) than spraying your body down with chemicals. Here are the top contenders to try this summer.

Cheap Beer

Turns out, mosquitos enjoy a cold beer as much as anyone else. Leave cups of beer around your patio and it is a natural mosquito bait. They will fly in to enjoy the cold drink and not be able to escape. However, if you’re drinking the beer, they will be attracted to you too, so keep your party sober and leave the hard stuff to the bugs.


Mosquitos hate garlic, so be sure to load up your picnic fixings with as much as you can get. If you’re eating beforehand, make it a garlic-filled meal before the party. Pasta, breads, meats, anything you can sink a clove into the better off you’ll be. This may not be realistic for a season-long solution, but it might work for one night.

Fabric Softener Sheets

Turns out, rubbing a fabric softener sheet onto your skin can be more effective than bug spray. Be careful about the softener sheets you use as some can irritate your skin, but you’ll be bite free. Some DIY-ers claim that keeping the dryer sheet in your pocket will repel them just as well, but I’ve found that actually rubbing my skin down with the sheet was more effective.

Dish Soap

This is perhaps the most popular natural mosquito trap. Just a few squirts of dish soap, left in a saucer do the same job as citronella candles. You can use small dishes, paper cups, anything that you have around the house. The mosquitos are drawn to the scent of the soap, but quickly become stuck and trapped.

Bubble Machine

A bubble machine adds a fun element to your party, and gets rid of mosquitoes. It may be because of the fan, or it may be because of the dish soap. Either way, it works and the kids will love it too!


If you live in an area where mosquitos are a constant problem, consider arming your property with citronella, catnip, or rosemary plants. Mosquitos tend to avoid these types of plants and it may be a more effective solution for year after year mosquito problems.

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