I am the first to admit I am completely addicted to online shopping. When my husband goes out of town for business I stay up late and convince myself that I need to by everything Amazon has to offer. It’s a problem. But spring is here, which means online shopping just got a whole. Lot. Better.

It’s seed season, people!

Shopping for gardening seeds online is right up there next to shopping for shoes, except you can’t eat shoes, which makes shopping for seeds even better! You can find seeds all over the web, but here are my top 5 websites for seeds that definitely won’t disappoint. Happy shopping!

     Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Baker Creek has an infamous following with celebrities and housewives alike. It is a favorite source for both Martha Stewart and Oprah and for good reason. For vegetables, fruits, and flowers, you will get lost in their beautiful catalog, and the online community is a great resource for questions and troubleshooting.

     Burpee is like the  standard of seed catalogs. They carry all the basics that you’re looking for. Their seeds have been used since 1881 by everyone from professional farmers to beginner green thumbs because they can be counted on to get a high yield and be resistant to disease. They also offer seedlings that arrive ready to plant. This is my personal go to for all my seeds.  Their customer service is amazing too!

     Seeds of Change. If you’re looking to grow a completely organic garden, Seeds of Change is the place to go. They have 100% certified organic seeds with no GMO or pesticide residues. They offer heirloom and hybrid varieties and plenty of helpful information on their site to ensure success.


     Gurneys. Not sure what to plant? Gurneys lets you shop by geographic area so you’re guaranteed to find plants that will thrive in your climate. Gurneys also has designated seeds that work for container planting. Their website is my favorite for beginners who are just starting their first garden. I’ve use them for a number of years and have been happy with all their products.   They usually have 50% off deals in the early spring.  

     Seed Savers. For the advanced gardener who is looking for something different, Seed Savers has what you’re looking for. From the hot orange tomato to jelly melon cucumbers, Seed Savers is for the adventurous gardener. Of course, they have plain old regular vegetables too, but specialize in rare seeds.


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