I love the natural feel of soil on my feet, and the smell of freshly cut grass. Nature is my friend. Sometimes nature needs a little help though, or at least I do. There are several high-tech gadgets that have made my gardening life so much easier, I can’t garden without them.

So if you are looking at what you can get yourself, or shopping for a gift for a loved one, these 9 gardening gadgets are sure to benefit your garden!

#1 Plant Monitor

This amazing gadget has a high- tech sensor to watch how much light your plant gets, what temperature the air is around it, it’s fertilizer levels and even the moisture of the plant.  For anyone who swears they kill plants all the time, this is a gift for them.  For those of us who have so many plants, some get forgotten and neglected…this is for us too.  The monitor takes all this information and notifies your smartphone about your plant’s needs.  It is like a nanny for your plant. You can pick up yours for $30 on Amazon here.  

amazon plant monitor

#2 Bosch Isio

This slim hedge trimmer is like hair clippers for your hedge bushes.  You simply wave your trimmer over the bushes and it trims to whatever shape you desire.  At 500g this is lightweight and doesn’t require arm strength to use. It runs on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, lasting longer than others, eliminating cords getting in your way.   This too is found at Amazon  for about $62, here is the link

amazon hedging tool

#3-Garden Plan Pro-Ipad app

This great app allows you to draw out your garden map.  It also provides weather station data, gives region-specific advice about common garden plants and flowers. It is like having an experienced gardening friend on your phone  You can download this app for about $8 


This gadget takes the job from bees and allows you to pollinate your own plants.  Which is great if bees aren’t as populated in your area. With people using more and more insecticides, this can cause a problem.  Not with the VegiBee.  

It imitates high-frequency vibrations of beads wings during pollination.  You touch the want to plant blossoms,  and the flowers will releasing pollen onto a provided spoon.  The gardener then will dip other flowers into the pollon, spreading it from blossom to blossom.  This only takes a few minutes each week, and claims it helps increase crop yield by 30% annually!  

One review said they went from 3 tomatoes to 34 in two weeks.  For those who are looking for a high yield crop, this is a must!  I am trying myself for the first time and will let you know how it goes at the end of the year.  You can find it on Amazon like I did, here for $30.

#5-Garden Defense Electronic Owl

This is not just some plastic owl.  This guys has sensors and can move itsn’t head 360 degrees. It gives a hoot to scare critters away.  Amazon $45- one sale currently for $25!  Remember to move this often for full effect. 

#6 B-Hyve Smart Watering Station.

These awesome sprinkler systems are sold at Lowes or Home Depot.  I have used one for two years now, and haven’t had a problem with it.  This water timer pairs with your smartphone to allow you to schedule watering cycles, create custom zones, rain delay settings.  It even shows me the moister level of each zone.  

bhyve sprinkler system

I seriously wish I bought this sooner, it has saved me so many headaches of changing sprinkler times.  The entire system will run you about $100 but they often have rebates up to $50. 

#7- Worm Factory 360

This is self-draining compost bin is a luxurious home for worms to produce by the hundreds. Add your kitchen scrapes, paper, cardboard and watch it turn into nutrient-rich fertilizer. You will need to mix the compost to aerate it often, as well as feed the worms with new scraps.  Add as many layers as you want, creating more and more compost in your backyard.  Worms can climb up the layers, working on new food scrapes.  There is no odor with this system, though it can not be in weather above 100 degrees, or below freezing. This is found on many sites, Amazon sells it for $145 with free two-day shipping.

worm factory gardening gadget

#8- Predatorguard PestAway

This high tech gadget uses ultrasonic bursts of sound heard only by cats, bats, mice, raccoons, foxes and other small pests.  This box sends soundwaves up to 40 feet away and is motion censored 24/7. It is humane, without electrical fences, messy sprinklers or dangerous traps.  You can find this gem on Amazon here, at about $50. 

high tech gadget

#9 Self- watering Pot Reservior

I love self- watering pots.  These are lifesavers for gardeners who travel often, or aren’t interested in watering plants often.  You simply add these pot reservoirs at the bottom of any of your pots, then cover with soil and your plant.  You will then water it through the vertical tube!  


I hope this list of gadgets gets you as excited to be outside as is does for me! I love these helpful products, and hope they benefit your home as much as they have mine.

Must have gardening gadgets for nature lovers alike. Get the best gift for yourself of your gardening friend with these 9 great ideas!
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