Nothing brings that whimsical and magical touch to your garden faster than a fairy garden!  With their petite features and enchanted appeal, finding a nook in your landscape for a fairy garden will bring joy and delight to young and old alike.  There are no rules when creating your little bit of sparkle and pixie dust, and the more creative you are with your fairy garden the more fun it will be!  

Here are the 9 top fairy gardens with tutorials, and ideas that can get you own fairy garden plans started off on perhaps, the second star to the right and straight on till morning.

      These little gems are great for beginners as they are a manageable size, in smaller pots and planting containers.

#1 fairy garden

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      If you have an eclectic old suitcase at your disposal then let get to work turning into a fun little fairy playground

#2 fairy garden

      Turn an accident into a treasure with a broken clay pot that has been transformed into a wonderful little piece of magic

#3 fairy garden 2

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      Wheelbarrows that have outlived their working usefulness are a great choice for a larger fairy garden.  Added bonus – they are easy to move throughout your landscape to find just the right spot! This link shows several different kinds of gardens!

#4 fairy garden

      What speaks of magic and enchantment that an oversized teacup!  You can often find these fun pieces at craft stores and home décor shops – who says you can use them outside in your garden?

#5 fairy garden

      If you have an unsightly old tree stump in your yard that is the perfect place for a fairy garden transformation!

#6 fairygarden

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      If your birdbath has been standing empty or has seen better days then you may consider that as the perfect location for you little enchanted display.

#7 fairy garden

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      If you would like to create a little piece of fairy magic that can be enjoyed indoors, then look no further than a goldfish bowl or terrarium!

#8 fairy garden

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      What is better than a fairy garden that brightens the day?  One that brightens at night! This gardener had a genius idea to use mini solar lights in her fairy garden.  

#9 fairy garden

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