Hate chain link? Loathe plain white vinyl? We get it. Fencing isn’t always glamorous, but it’s still necessary. Whether you use your fencing for privacy, decoration, or a little of both, it should be both functional and beautiful.

If traditional fencing options have you stuck, try something different. We’ve gathered a few beautiful fencing ideas from experts in landscape architecture and interior design to give you something outside the box. Finally you can have a fence that is functional and also show-stopping, charming, and elegant.

Flip It

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Vertical wood fences are “plain jane,” but turn them on their side and you have something completely new. Based on the style of wood and color of stain, you can make a horizontal wood slat fence either rustic and farmhouse-y, or modern and elegant with a chrome frame and minimalist house numbers. The secret is choosing the right boards and the right space between the planks.


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If you’d like to have a privacy fence, but you don’t love the more traditional options, you can consider an option like this. It’s a seemingly traditional wood fence, but the grid wire around the top offers privacy with a little openness as well with a more unique design.


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This is a great option because it’s decorative, durable, sturdy, and low maintenance. Bamboo is actually a type of grass that line up nicely and can be framed with stained wood. They are a neutral color, which makes them easy to work with a variety of décor styles and they let just enough light through to prevent dark shadows in your backyard.

Modern Concrete

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If you’re not into the natural look, go as modern as possible with a pour concrete fence. There are several design options that are absolutely stunning. Concrete is also a high-security option if that is a concern. Most often the concrete fencing is smooth and grey, but you can add gaps, lines, and geometric shapes for a beautiful design element as well.

Corrugated Metal

metal fence

This might feel like a strange choice for a landscaping fence, but the combination of corrugated metal and wood fencing is becoming an extremely popular choice. Particularly because it has that farmhouse chic look that everyone wants. The corrugated metal used for fencing is higher quality than the type used for other outdoor projects like garden barriers or greenhouses. It’s often covered with a protective coating that makes it look luxurious against beautiful dark wood panels.

Go Green

green fence lines with plants

If you’ve got time on your side, there are a number of evergreens that grow tall enough to provide total seclusion. Of course, you can also purchase these plants already full-size, but that would likely be a very expensive option. Instead, start your tree line early and enjoy a permanent fence that is tall and lush to shield your property from surrounding buildings—and neighbors.


fence diy idea

This was once a popular fencing option that has been popping up in more recent years. Diamond lattice fencing creates a visually appealing barrier that still provides the same barrier and privacy as traditional vinyl fencing, with a more elegant look. It is the perfect backdrop for supports growing vines, creating an organic enclosure in no time.


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If you need a barrier, but don’t want to miss your view, there’s really only one option. Glass fencing, or plexiglass options in some areas, offer shelter from wind, critters, and provide a safety barrier without interrupting your amazing view.

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