These tiny little leafs of happiness are like the candy of the gardening world. They are little and sweet and make me happy just looking at them. The beautiful thing about succulents is not only are they completely adorable, but they are super easy to plant and maintain. No green thumbs required! They also make great indoor plants, and they can be perfectly happy in just about any container you can find.

succulent garden letter succulent pot

Whether you prefer to have a one plant in a modern glass bowl, or a huge gathering spilling over the sides, there are so many ways to use succulents around your home. Here’s how to get started.succulent garden

Materials: You need something to put your succulents in. It need to be at least 2-inches deep and can be of any material (wood, plastic, glass, metal, etc.) This might be something as simple as a plastic tray, or something more extravagant like a wooden monogram or beautiful glass bowl. You’ll also need succulent soil mix (different than regular soil), a few pebbles (honestly you can probably find these outside), and of course – the plants.

Getting Started: The first thing to do is lay a foundation of soil, you’ll want to fill your pot up about halfway before adding any plants. Once you have a nice foundation, arrange each of your plants by putting them in the soil and then adding additional soil to hold them in place.

succulent wreath

Arrangements: You can arrange succulents anyway you’d like. Maybe you want the tall ones in the middle and the hanging ones around the edges. Maybe you’d like to create an ombre or rainbow effect and arrange them by color. Any way you choose to do it, succulents are easy to move and very forgiving, so play with it until it looks right to you.funny pots

Finishing Touches: Once you’re happy with your arrangement, the last step is to cover the top of the soil around the plants with stones or pebbles. This is because succulents don’t love water, so the stones help to keep the water from overwhelming them. Give them a little spritz of water and food every two weeks or so and that’s it.succulent planter box

I love working with succulents because you get the best of both gardening worlds – instant gratification, and ongoing pleasure seeing them thrive every day. It’s also a pretty calming activity that can reduce stress and anxiety. Move over adult coloring books, I’m planting succulents tonight!

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