A beautiful deck expands your living space and enhances outdoor living. But now that you have the deck, how do you decorate it to make the most of the space? Styling your deck to match your lifestyle is key in utilizing this outdoor space to all it can be. 

Whether you prefer a quiet afternoon tea while you watch the sun go down, or a rowdy backyard barbeque with dozens of your closest friends, we are here to help. These deck decorating ideas enhance your deck space to make it the most coveted space of the house. 

1. Choose Furniture Wisely 

People can only sit on a camping chair for so long. When you choose outdoor furniture go above the basics. Choose furniture that is comfortable enough to be in your living room, but durable enough to stay outside. Start with one special piece of furniture. Maybe it’s a chair, a lounge, or a swing. Pick one piece that you love and make that your focal point. From there, add additional pieces and bright and comfortable pillows to give your outside seating that indoor-worthy style. Choose outdoor fabrics and spray with a washable protectant to help them shrug off moisture and stains.

2. Add in Green

You want your deck to be as comfortable as your living room, while seamlessly integrating outdoor elements throughout. Use planters to bring greenery and life to your deck. Group pots in odd numbers (3, 5, 7) in the corners. If you want to add privacy with greenery, you can create a living privacy screen, or add in a lattice wall. 

To form a living privacy screen, choose three head-high planters and add a lush arborvitae to each. Stand the matching plantings side by side along an edge of your deck to gain privacy and enjoy the lush greenery. Adding a lattice wall to one side of your deck can create the illusion of a wall. Next, add plants like clematis and climbing roses to the lattice to complete a beautiful green space. These plants may take a few years to fill in, but they’ll provide a fragrant wall of blooms to enjoy throughout the season. 

3. Add Fire

fire pit on deck

Whether you choose to install a firepit, or simply add a personal fire bowl. This is a great way to give your deck a flickering warmth and cozy ambience. A personal fire bowl is easy to make yourself by simply placing a 13-ounce can of clean-burning gel-alcohol fuel in a 10-inch-diameter terra-cotta container. Surround the can’s bottom and sides with tumbled recycled glass, light, and enjoy. If you have the space and time to add a fire pit, this provides endless nights of entertaining, campfire stores, s’mores, and a cozy atmosphere after dark. 

4. Add a Rug

rug and sitting area on deck

This is one of the most overlooked aspect of deck decorating. An outdoor rug is a great way to add a spark of personality to your deck. You can even paint your own outdoor rug to add customized pattern, color, and texture to the space. A rug is also a great way to visually separate the space. Use rugs to create a designated eating area, conversation area, or kids’ space. 

5. Add Texture 

wood roof, stone floor and wicker furniture

Wood and stone add texture and character to this outdoor dining space. A timber-frame loggia featuring columns banded with hammered wrought-iron shades metal farm-style chairs and a teak table. A stone fireplace and brick pavers complete the welcoming dining area.

6. Limit the Colors

white, cream and green deck colors
lovegrowswiled.com did a great job on her deck makeover!

Theme your deck area by focusing on one or two colors only. This adds a unifying feel to your decor. Punchy blue and green furnishings brighten the deck while not distracting from the view. Or choose red and orange to accent the beautiful sunrise and/or sunset. Sticking with a distinct color scheme helps your deck décor to feel more intentional and less haphazard.

7. Add water

watering edge of deck

If you feel like your deck is still missing something, it’s probably water. The tranquil sounds of water, the peaceful ambiance, and the style of a water feature bring a soothing intentionality to your outdoor space. Of course, you can have a water feature installed, but even a free-standing fountain or small bubbling bowl can complete your outdoor space.

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A beautiful deck expands your living space and enhances outdoor living. Learn how deck decorating tips to make your yard better than ever!
A beautiful deck expands your living space and enhances outdoor living. Learn how deck decorating tips to make your yard better than ever!
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