Outdoor lighting makes your home and garden shine after dark by illuminating the best features of your home. Well-placed lighting can make your guests feel welcome, your home look cozy, and your party feel warm. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, or you are simply looking to add a little curb appeal after the sun goes down, lighting is the ticket you need to get there. Here are some of the best ideas for outdoor lighting that are unique, simple, and make a big impact.

1.     Rope lights

rope lighting

These are perhaps the most underutilized outdoor lights. They are so easy to install and have a durable tubing to protect the lights from outdoor elements.   These ones on Amazon are waterproof, and cuttable, which is very important. Make sure what you purchase can be customizable to your project size and made for the outdoors.

They look beautiful as lined walkways, edging, or along a railing. You can keep them straight, or loop them through your fence for a unique look. You will be surprised at how much light these give off as well.  Use a dimmer switch to be able to control your lighting even more!

2.    Lightened Fireplace

fireplace with christmas lights

 If it’s too hot for a fire, put your pit to good use and use Christmas lights like these instead. This gives a beautiful glow that takes a second glance to realize it’s not a real flame. I love this idea for a party that may have small children wandering around as well. You get the ambience without the safety hazard of an actual fire.

3.     Lit Wreath!

lightened wreath

Who says wreaths are only for front doors? I love this bulb wreath for the backyard. Hang it on the fence, from the balcony, or over the deck. The white bulbs give a classic look that lasts all year long. Use a foam base for your wreath like this one, and then add warm clear light bulbs like these and frosty bulbs like these by attaching them with floral pins found here. Do not use hot glue to adhere the wires to the wreath.

4.     Fairy Lights

fairy lights in rustic lanterns

Fairy lights are like Christmas lights, but tiny.  They have a magical wisp to them and look amazing in jars, or these lanterns.  Most fairylights are run on batteries and have a small switch you can use to power them.  This look would be perfect for a side table on a patio, or along a pathway.  Make sure to purchase battery-powered lights like these, so you don’t have to worry about plugs and cords.

5.     Jar Lanterns

lantern light hanging from pavilion
Decorate a Patio with Lights and Mason Jars

The industrial home decor style has moved mason jars into the spotlight.  Hanging lanterns work well in a variety of areas. They are perfect for a railing, or staircase, but you can also hang them from a trellis or pergola. Your local hardware store sells the equipment to make these jars a reality. 

If you don’t have the time to create your own, you can purchase a similar beam chandelier with hanging lights, here.  

6.     Brightened Hoola Hoop

Who knew a hoola hoop and some Christmas lights could look so classy? I love this idea because it’s so simple and pure genius. It works perfectly for a shabby chic, or more modern design. It is easy to create, install, and use all year. Good job Sarahontheblog!


7.    Glowing Plants

lit planter

You can find illuminated planters to add a soft glow to your patio. These are so easy to install and add light to your landscape. Swap out your boring planters for those that really shine. You can get them in nearly any shape or size and fill them with your favorite plants. Now you get a beautiful bloom in the day and an awesome glow after dark. Here are square-shaped planters, and here is a link to the planters above.

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Outdoor lighting makes your home and garden shine check out these 7 beautiful ideas to lighten your outdoor home!
Outdoor lighting makes your home and garden shine check out these 7 beautiful ideas to lighten your outdoor home!
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