Gardening is really a labor of love and one of the big payoffs for most home gardeners is the color and beauty created by their hours of work and labor.  If you are looking to add some more eye catching colorful displays to your garden, then you are in luck!  Here are 6 exciting projects that will definitely add some splashes of color to your garden.

      Mosaics – these projects are a great way to add pops of color throughout your hardscape items interspersed with your plants.  Consider adding some colorful mosaic stepping stones, perhaps a small table and chair set with a bright mosaic tabletop, add some interesting sculpture pieces that include some colorful mosaic tile work, etc.add color 7


      A great way to spice up your garden and yard spaces is to paint that patio furniture!  Giving your patio chairs a new splash of colorful paint can breathe new life into them in addition to add some eye catching interest.

      Something that sounds obvious but is often overlooked is simply adding more flowers to your landscape!  Gardens and landscapes can often be ruled by the grass, trees, and shrubs, which leads to a very solid green pallet.  This isn’t necessarily bad if that was the goal, but adding some well-placed planters or flower beds filled with bright, vibrant, colorful flowers quickly add some visual interest to your landscape.add color 2


      Plant Stands and Pots- Speaking of adding flowers, don’t overlook the containers that you choose to put them in.  Containers, pots, & planters are a great way to add color to your garden spaces.  Pick a pot that comes in a color that will complement the color of the flowers that are being planted in it and you will have a beautiful pieces of garden ‘art’ to enjoy throughout the growing season.add color 3


      Bird houses are a great addition for any gardener.  These provide color all year round and can add height to an area that produces smaller plants.  Houses can be found at your local craft store, and customized to your color preference, or prepainted.  Go big or go small, these charming houses are adorable.  add color 5


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