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There are two types of weeding every gardener encounters. The first kind is completely gratifying, it’s ripping out those giant… Read more »
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There are two types of weeding every gardener encounters. The first kind is completely gratifying, it’s ripping out those giant intruders and exposing beautiful soil. It’s warm dirt and fresh flowers and immediate gratification. The second kind is tedious, never ending work that quickly wears thin and drives you completely mad. Is this you? Then you need to learn how to control weeds, and I’m here to help.  

Here are five sure-fire tips to controlling weeds for good.

Stop Pulling

Wait what? Yep – that’s right. Stop pulling. The problem with pulling weeds is that it brings more weed seeds to the surface and covers your beds in weeds like an anthill. Instead of pulling weeds, kill them at their roots by using a sharp knife. Slice through the roots and let the top of the weed die on their own.


Covering up weeds is a great way to prevent them from growing because they don’t get to see the light. Preventing the lights from reaching the weeds is one of the best ways to prevent them from growing. You can use wood chips, straw, pine needles, or just about anything else to keep the soil covered. Keep it about 2 inches deep to ensure coverage, but not too much to prevent oxygen.

Stick to a schedule

Give yourself a weeding schedule and stick to it. Don’t take on more space than you can handle. Set aside a specific time and area where you weed each week. Keep up a rotating schedule that allows you to cover all the necessary areas on a regular basis.

Off With Their Heads!

Chop off the heads of irritating weeds is often easier than sitting down and ripping out weeds every day. Dead-heading weeds reduces reseeding and forced them to exhaust their food reserves and limits spreading.

Reduce Open Space

Weeds are opportunistic. They will take advantage of any open space they can find. Plants can often be planted closer than posted recommendation. Closer plants means less open space and less sunlight underneath for weeds to take root.

Fight Fire with Fire

Torching weeds is a great way to eliminate weeds. Small landscape flamers are hooked to propane tanks and used to deliver a tiny fire to weeds, just enough to singe the leafs and transfer the weed to ash. This method is similar to spraying weeds, it just uses fire instead of chemicals. It is quick and effective and extremely gratifying.

Good luck fighting those weeds, I hope you have learned more about how to control weeds.  Help your plants grow even more this year: 4 Ingredient Homemade Miracle Grow Recipe

Learn how to get a handle on weeds , and have a beautiful lawn again!
control weed
Take control of your lawn and garden again with these tips to get rid of weeds!

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  1. Fox tails all over my yard. They are dead now. What is my next step? I have tried for two springs to pull them, but i cannot get rid of the weeds. I am at my wits end!

    1. I’ve heard you can use 10% vinegar with water and spray them, but I haven’t used this method. Once Fox tail has grown it is hard to get rid of.
      I have avoided them by using spring weed & feed on my yard. When I say spring I mean February. I put it on my lawn, which usually still has a few inches of snow on it, and in April, my lawn has a healthy head start. I give it more weed & feed the first week of May. Mark your calendar for February, I promise next year will be better.

  2. It sure got my attention when you suggested deadheading the weeds in order to reduce their chances of regrowing and reseeding and force them to limit respreading. However, as much as I want to give it a try since that will help in saving money, I can’t because there are many other things that I need to focus on this time. My sister’s birthday is just around the corner. It might be a good idea to ask someone else to do the weed control for now. Anyway, thank you. I’ll be sure to save your tips for later.

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