There is so much to be loved about gardening and landscaping.  If you invest your time and energy into a successful vegetable and herb garden or a fruit orchard you will enjoy the bountiful harvest in late summer.  Enjoy creating full and lush flower beds you can look forward to the vivid colorful displays as everything blooms and matures.  Another great thing about being a gardener or outdoor enthusiast are the lovely and magical butterflies!

Here are a couple of great ideas for attracting butterflies to your garden:

1-Limit your use of pesticides  

Controlling pest populations in your garden is often an ongoing battle, but there are several specific pesticides, such as malathion, Sevin, and diazinon are specifically designed to control and eliminate insect populations which includes butterflies.


2-Choose native plants for your landscape

 Butterflies have, over the course of their lifecycles and evolution, have come to expect certain native plants to be in certain geographical areas.  Additionally, the butterflies rely on specific native plants during different parts of their lifecycles – for example, where they lay their eggs, where they find food and nectar, and where the caterpillars thrive.


3-Choose flowering plants with bright colors and flat tops

Adult butterflies, by nature, are strongly attracted towards flowers and blossoms in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple.  

Planting these colors throughout your garden is a great way to encourage butterfly visitors.  Furthermore, the shape of the blossoms plays a big part in how attractive the flowers are to the butterflies – plants that create clusters of flat-topped flowers give the butterflies ideal landing spots.  butterfly-17057

4-Give them a resting spot

Provide resting places for the butterflies like rocks and bird baths that enjoy full sun throughout the afternoon.  Butterflies often rest in the heat of the late afternoons, giving their wings some natural warmth and rest.  Flat stones placed throughout your landscape will attract butterflies looking for places to land and rest.  

5- Offer a food source

While butterflies eat nectar from a variety of flowers, you can also supplement their natural food sources with a butterfly feeder filled with purchased ‘nectar’.   

Professionally Design a Flower Bed is an article can help you as you plan a home for these beautiful creatures.

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