You have survived the long winter months and spring is finally upon us!  You begin planning your spring planting projects and look forward with anticipation to the joys of summer gardening and harvest.  BUT WAIT!!!  Here are 5 MUST DO steps that every gardener should complete BEFORE planting your treasured garden:

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      Location, Location, Location!

 If you are creating a new garden plot, then selecting the right location is perhaps the most fundamental and important step in ensure your long term success.  A prime garden location will have adequate direct sun exposure, for most plants that is at least 6 hours per day of direct sunlight, and good soil drainage.  Additionally, you may want to think about potential garden pests and how to combat these problems, i.e. can your garden plot be fenced?

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      Prepare your soil

Digging up the existing soil and loosening the ground will promote health growth in your soon-to-be-planted garden plants. I till my garden each spring at least 1 month prior to planting.  Adding a healthy amount of organic materials to your soil will provide lots of nutrients to your young plants.  I also give it a boosting dose of 4 Ingredient Homemade Miracle Grow Recipe  so when I plant my seeds the soil is in perfect shape.  Furthermore, you should perform a pH test on your soil, and depending on the results, you can add some supplements to your soil that will balance your pH and provide optimal growing conditions.  

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      Research your Seeds

Big Box stores have great deal and are conveniently but you might as well throw away your money.  Purchasing your seeds from reputable nurseries will decrease the chance of garden failure by ensuring you get a quality product.  Additionally, spending some time throughout the winter and early spring doing some research on what seeds varieties thrive in your growing zone/area will put you well on your way to gardening success.

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      Make a Plan

Laying out your garden on paper will help you to catch many space and growing issues before they are a reality.  Educate yourself on how much space each plant will require, how long vines may wander, how full bushes will become as they mature.   Then compare the below chart to make sure you are planting your crops near their companions.  Certain plants, like tomatoes and raspberries can never been near each other, because they will fight over the nutrients.   If you plant those tomatoes near your basil or carrots, they thrive!  Planning for these eventualities ahead of time will make certain that your seeds and seedlings are planted with adequate spacing, and enjoy their neighbors. 

      Prepare your Irrigation

Water is the lifeblood of any garden plot and installing proper irrigation is a critical step to a successful harvest.   There are many options for delivering water to each of your garden plants, and a variety of watering options may be best for your specific garden needs.  Before planting anything you should give your irrigation system some attention to ensure that everything is in proper working order.

before gardening

Learn how to have a successful crop this year with these 5 tips to prepare your garden correctly!
Take a minute to learn what you need to do before you start planting!
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