Landscape lighting is really the detail that takes a nice landscape to an inviting and alluring space where you can find rest, relaxation, and connection.  There are a lot of choices for homeowners to make when adding landscape lighting to their yards making it a potentially daunting task.  

If you are looking for some a great lighting scheme that is sure to impress, then you have come to the right place!  Here are 5 lighting schemes that are sure to make a big impression:

Lighting that gives a sense of direction: if you have a long walkway through your landscape or path to an entrance adding distinct and unique lighting along this walkway will give a sense of motion throughout the yard and also help friends and family navigate your landscape according to the intended design.



      Rope Lighting: this type of outdoor lighting brings a lot of warmth and a sense of invitation to your landscape, in addition to giving your visitors a visual clue as to the location of small steps, raised beds, or other potential hazards.

lighting rope


      Upward facing lights: Enhance the architecture of your home by adding upward facing lights.  Mounting lights under the edge of benches and permanent seating areas will cast a soft understated light along walkways and sidewalks without creating harsh shadows and bright light beams that can interrupt peaceful and relaxing evenings.

home lighting upwards


      Spotlighting: if you landscape includes a unique sculpture, water feature, of natural focal point you may consider spotlighting that area with some stronger, brighter outdoor lighting options.  Spotlighting specific sections of the landscape can also provide a strong sense of depth and distance in your landscape.

lighting spotlight


      Variety, Variety, Variety!  It can be tempting to install matching outdoor lighting products throughout your landscape but doing that can start to bring a sense of boring uniformity to your space.  Carefully consider each zone in your space and bring unique and varied lighting to each part, thereby creating visual interest and variety that compliments your landscape choices rather than lumping them all together.

lighting variety

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