Organizing all of the tools, containers, plants, potting soils and mulches, etc, is, for many home gardeners, the biggest job of all!  With the love of all things gardening comes a lot of . . . . .stuff . . . .that can easily get out of hand and take over all of our open space.

 There are several things that you may consider when tackling the task of organizing your garden supplies:

First, If you are storing heavy items such as tools, big bags of organic materials and/or potting soils, etc, then you’ll want something that has wheels.  Rolling carts allow for ease of use throughout the gardening season.

organizing tips


Second, if you have some open wall space in your garage or shed consider mounting some peg board or other hanging system for your smaller gardening items.  This can be a great system for small hand tools, gardening gloves, and other small miscellaneous supplies that are good to keep on hand and easily accessible.

Third, take the more artistic approach to your garden storage by creating unique storage containers that stay in your landscaped spaces.  Using large old mailboxes, for example, to hold gloves, small tools, and other small to medium sized gardening items is a great way to have items on hand where you are using them but contained in a decorative piece of yard art.

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Fourth, in addition to your obvious garden supplies like tools and gloves, a 3-ring binder full of planting information, seed packets, etc is an important addition to your garden organization.  You may also consider keeping an area in your binder for ongoing notes during the growing season.  This will really help out with future garden planning and to make sure that you are not repeating the same mistakes year after year.  

garden binder oraganize


Lastly use your phone.  There is a lot to remember while gardening, when to fertilize, when to spray insecticide, pruning, reminders to weed, harvest, and preserve.  I have found that using my smart phone calendar app with reminders keeps me on top of all the things I need to do.  

Personally, I love google calendar, you can color code events so “gardening” items are a different color than my daughter’s school play.  It also has repeat features so I can add “spray peach tree” and have it occur every 4 weeks.  Google calendar can be used on the computer, your smartphone or both! 

Reminders in Google Calendar come to the web


As you can see, with just a few easy steps or projects you can more fully enjoy your garden and landscape without having to look past all the clutter that gardening can bring.




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