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The foundation of any successful garden is soil rich in nutrients, microbes, and ‘foods’ for the plants that will live in it and grow from it.  The idea of composting, or adding broken down organic materials to your existing soil has been around for a very long time.  Did you know that there are foods that make great soil additions that do not need to be put through the composting process?  There are also some foods you should not be using.  Here is a list of 5 organic foods that you can add to improve your garden soil. 

      Coffee Grounds

This additive can be scattered directly around the base of your garden plants that bring lots of additional nitrogen to your soil.

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Egg shells

Egg shells have several noticeable benefits for your garden.  First, crushed shells scattered around the growing plants will provide much needed proteins, and second, they are great snail and slug repellant.



      Vegetable and Fruit Peelings

A specific note in this category, banana peels are the real super hero of soil additives!  They bring a lot of potassium to the garden soil which goes a long way to produce big and strong blossoms, and a great added benefit to adding banana peels is that aphids, a common garden pest, hate them.  Simply cut the banana peels into pieces and bury them a couple inches into the soil around the plants.  Additionally, orange peels will create a strong deterrent for any stray cats that may want to disturb your garden plot.


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