Flies are the bane of my summer existence. I hate the way they look, the way they sound, and the way they inevitably land on my potato salad. Flies are the worst kind of pest because the constant buzzing becomes menacingly unbearable after just a few minutes outside.  You probably what to get rid of flies like I do.

They are a quick way to ruin a perfectly good picnic and keep you cooped inside all summer. Not anymore! I researched several ways to develop homemade fly traps and the results are amazing. It might not look pretty, but they are effective.

1. The Bottle Trap
This one seemed to be the most popular. Cut the top off of a bottle and flip it upside down. Fill the bottom of the container with a few inches of water and some bait. People had all sorts of opinions about what made the best bait, but generally anything sweet and smelly will work including raw meat, rotten fruit, etc. Add a few drops of dish soap to your bait to stick to the flies, and you’re all set. Put your trap outside and watch the flies collect inside the bottle. When you’re done, you can toss the entire bottle and start again.


2. Shrimp in a Bottle
Of everything I saw online, this seemed to be the most effective. It is very similar to the bottle trap with one key difference: shrimp. This DIY-er from The Art of Doing Stuff used a mason jar instead of a bottle. The larger surface allowed her to use the same trap for weeks. A cone of paper helps to attract the flies and slip them into the trap. At the bottom of her jar was a few pieces of shrimp, and a little bit of water. The longer the shrimp sat in the water and the hot sun, the better the results. Stinky, but effective.


3. Money Baggie
I saw this online a few years ago and tried it with good results. You simple fill a clear baggie with a some water (1-2 cups) and add 3-4 pennies to the water. This bag can then be placed on a table or lifted and hung. The optical illusion of pennies in water seems to bug flies, and keeps them away. I love this ideas because, there is no dead bugs to clean up!

4. Cadillac Fly Trap
Over at Life Hacker they call this the Cadillac of Fly Traps and I think the name is effective. This sucker will last you all summer, but I definitely don’t want to be the one to empty out all the fly carcasses at the end. It is a basic wooden box with your choice of bait and plenty of room for the flies to collect together and leave you alone.

5. DIY Sticky Paper
Fly paper is perhaps the oldest fly trap in the book, but it’s still an effective way to get rid of flies. Everyday Roots teaches you how to make your own fly sticky paper with just a few basic ingredients. This would be a great way to take care of a fly problem in your home since it doesn’t have the unsightly stench or appearance of the other trap options that are better suited for outdoors. You can also buy fly tape at your local hardware store.


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Don't let flies ruin your party or BBQ, get rid of them for good!
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