For many of us space is a premium and the thought of planting a garden, either vegetable or flowers, is almost laughable,.  However, these creative and space-saving vertical planters can easily be added to your balcony, porch, or other available open space.  

The benefits to having growing plants within our own living spaces is proven so get started today!

      If you want to enjoy some fresh delicious strawberries from your own garden then check out this great tutorial on growing them vertically in PVC pipes!




      For a more modern feel consider adding some small pops of color to your urban landscapes with this great succulents wall made from concrete blocks


Concrete Blocks


      This fantastic tutorial is great for anyone looking to plant lots of seedlings in a small amount of space


Vertical Planter


    For a more whimsical and quirky approach to your vertical planters take a look at this fun DIY project


Planter Bird Bath


      Finally, if colorful pots and containers are what you love then look no further than this fun combination of trellis and potted plants


Vertical Planter

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