Unless you are lucky enough to live somewhere with 360 plus days of sunshine each year, you might want to look into a greenhouse. A greenhouse is the best (and sometimes only) way to enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables all year long. Luckily, here are your top 5 DIY greenhouse tutorials!  

Having a greenhouse in your backyard may seem like something only for the rich and famous, but it’s very much the opposite. It’s easy, inexpensive, and actually saves you money throughout the year by growing your own food! Here are five of the best building tutorials for creating you very own greenheaven. I mean house. Greenhouse.

Purchase a Kit

greenhouse kit

The first way to build a greenhouse is to buy a kit. This is also one of the more expensive options, but still completely doable.  Check out this kit on Amazon for $50!


When you purchase a kit, everything you need is delivered directly to your door with instructions and materials. Sounds like a good way to go to me!

Repurpose Greenhouse

window greenhouse


Another way to build a greenhouse is to use old windows. This creates a beautiful building that is completely unique. This greenhouse from Our Fairfield Home and Garden blog took 28 windows gathered over 18 months from friends and family who had renovations or window replacements. You can also contact window replacement companies who may be more than happy to unload old windows to you for free. This project was a little more expensive than other options, but it was professionally painted and has a tile floor interior with space for a little sitting area. Adorable, but a little more pricey at just over $1,500.  

PVC Greenhouse

PVC greenhouse


A significantly easier greenhouse option actually converts to a garden bed when you’re ready. This option is basically a garden bed with PVC pipes and light fabric to create a covered-wagon style greenhouse. This covered greenhouse gives your plants a warm and cozy home during the winter and delivers beautiful plants by the fall.


Sometimes a greenhouse can be as easy as covering an existing place. This option uses a few PVC pipes, plastic sheet, and a little cutting to create a retractable greenhouse cover you can install and use almost anywhere.

Built Greenhouse

wood greenhouse


Still not sure how to get started? No problem. Ana White to the rescue. She provides step-by-step plans completely free of charge, and happens to have a super cute one for a DIY greenhouse. The frame is basic 2×4’s but the side panels used roofing tin, which is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and lasts longer than plywood. It also gives a nice farmhouse vibe. These plans are designed at 12 ft long, which means no cutting the roofing tin and no trimming the corrugated panels either! Win Win!

I hope these DIY Greenhouse tutorials have given you some ideas for what you can do in your yard!

If you don’t have room for a large greenhouse check out this article for counter size mini greenhouses: How to Make a Greenhouse

Check out these DIY greehouse tutorials! Extend your garden season this year!
Greenhouse DIY tutorials!  Extend your gardening season!
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