Growing succulents have become all the rage lately among experienced and novice home gardeners alike.  They are unique, petite, and usually very easy to grow.  However, as with most plants, there are a few specific tips and tricks that you should know before jumping right in in order to put yourself quickly on the path to successful succulents.

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           Perhaps the most critical piece of knowledge about succulents, is that they can be sensitive to how much they are watered, particularly overwatering.  The basic key here is that succulents generally thrive when they are watered deeply, then allowed to dry out pretty completely before being watered again.

 In order to let the soil dry out between waterings make sure that your drainage is sufficient.  The thicker and denser the leaves of the particular plant the less water that plant will need in order to thrive.cotyledon-orbiculata-1310964_1920


These lovely little plants need lots of sunlight in order to grow fully and successfully.  If you succulents are found inside your house placing them near a south facing window should provide a sufficient amount of sunlight.  If they are planted in your exterior landscape you should plant them in locations that get bright morning light, and potentially some afternoon shade in order to avoid sunburning the plant.  

An unique indication that your succulent plants are not getting enough direct sunlight is when the plant starts to ‘stretch’, or grow tall with more than average space between the leaves.  The means that the plant is searching for more sunlight.a-fleshy-plant-1465051_1920


Next, if you intend to plant your succulents as houseplants and you are nervous about trying your hand at the adorable little plants then consider carefully which ones you start with.  In general, the greener the succulent the easier time you will have keeping it healthy and happy indoors.  

These plants come in a wide variety of colors ranging from silvers, to purples, to greens, to purples, etc. so if you consider yourself a novice then a great place to start is with the bright green ones.    Conversely, the succulents that bloom with reds and oranges are generally more suited to outdoor growing environments.



Because succulents require lots of sunlight plants that are indoors should be given a fair amount of space between plants in order to maximize the sun exposure on as much of the leaf surfaces as possible.  Succulents that are planted outdoors can handle plantings in closer groups as they usually receive brighter sunlight for longer periods of time.


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Succulents are beautiful! Keep them healthy with these 4 helpful tips.
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