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        I feel a little touch of sadness as the growing season comes to an end.  The garden harvest has slowed to a trickle, and winter is near.  Did you know that there are several steps that need to be taken in order to properly prepare your garden for those cold and frosty months ahead? Here are a few tips, tricks, to prep your garden for the winter.  

It is very important to remove old plants, vines, and growth from the seasons crops.  It is very common for the pests and insects that thrive on eating these crops during the summer months to use them to lay their eggs on in the fall and winter months.  These eggs will survive through the winter, then hatch a fresh round of pests for you to deal with in the spring.


Fall is a great time to check your soil’s pH level.  Once you have removed all of the plants and growth from your garden plot, testing the soil’s pH will give you a really good guide to what type of soil additives you need to work in.

 Most vegetable plants will thrive in soil that is slightly acidic, so make sure that you give your soil the ‘food’ that it needs now, work it in well, then let it rest until spring planting.


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