Most people love the idea of having plants in their home, however due to mistakes we kill our houseplants unknowingly.  Well, have no fear!  Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your houseplants alive and thriving, and some advice on how to not kill your houseplants.

One of the most common mistakes that can damage your houseplants is overwatering.  As a general rule of thumb, most houseplants are very tolerant of some ‘drying out’ in between waterings.  If you are unsure about when to water your plants, stick your finger into the soil, near the edge of the pot, about – an inch deep  – if the soil is dry then it is likely time for a little water.  

Also, it is very important that whatever container you chose has sufficient drainage.  Standing water from overwatering that collects around the roots can cause them to rot and over time can kill the entire plant.

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Another thing that you need to keep in mind is how much sunlight the plant needs to thrive, and how much it is actually getting.  It can be a little tricky to find places in our homes for houseplants to live that get sufficient sunlight throughout the day.  

In general, houseplants like bright and sunny places.  If your plant is looking a little pale or dull, consider moving it to a sunnier spot and see if it bounces back.

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Next, houseplants are alive, and they need a little nourishment!  With the limited amount of soil in small containers it is important to feed your plants with a little fertilizer.  Often you can find fertilizers that can be added right to a water can mixed with the water that you are already giving your plants.  Be careful to not add too much, as fertilizer can ‘burn’ your plants and lead to further issues, but a little food will go a long way to keeping those plants healthy and thriving.

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Finally, make sure to stay on top of any pest problems.  Watch closely for any bugs on your houseplants, as they can spread very quickly to all the plants in your home.  Treat quickly with a pest control spray if you see any problem.  Also, giving the leaves on your houseplants a quick wipe down helps to keep these types of issues at bay, and also removes any dust and buildup.

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By following these simple tips and tricks you can enjoy having healthy, beautiful, and thriving houseplants for years to come.


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