4 Effective Pest Control Recipes

Have you ever planted a garden, watch with anticipation as your plants grew bigger and stronger inching ever closer to… Read more »

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Have you ever planted a garden, watch with anticipation as your plants grew bigger and stronger inching ever closer to that delicious harvest, only to discover one day that a pesky little thief has destroyed all of your hard work?!!  

Garden pests of the larger variety, like rabbits, skunks, and raccoons to name just a few, are often the perpetrators of garden destruction and disappointment.  However, with just a few easy steps you can make your own effective pest control.

The first step to controlling a pesky pest situation is to identify the culprits and what is attracting them.  For example, raccoons are strongly attracted to accessible compost piles, skunks love to eat the grubs that can be prevalent in lawns, squirrels can help themselves but come looking for loose birdseed.

 If these pests are being attracted by something that can be removed or controlled in your garden spaces, then simply eliminating the attraction could be a good first step to removing the problem completely.

There are several different approaches to eradication of these garden pests.  You can purchase poison pellets and granules, but these can pose a danger to people and pets.  Traps can be set, but must be monitored and reset.  Here are some natural, homemade solution to your garden pest problem that I have found useful.  

pest 1If deer are your problem, simply spraying your plants with a mixture of 1 egg with a ¼ cup of water will deter them from nibbling on your garden foliage.  You can also use a mixture of liquid dish soap with hot sauce to keep the deer away.  


If rodents are more your problem, cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil placed where you see evidence of rodent activity will keep them at bay.

pest 4

If rabbits are eating their way through your garden, consider sprinkling ground pepper or cayenne around your plants right on the soil.  Since rabbits are constantly sniffing for food, they will think twice about coming back to your garden once they get a big smell of that pepper.

pest 2

Red pepper flakes also works wonders for racoons as well.  I once had raccoons climbing over my 6 foot fence into my garden each night.  After they ate 30 ears of corn one evening and all my precious tomatoes…it was war.  I sprinkled red pepper flakes along the top of my fence.  3 years later they still haven’t come back.

pest 3

By employing some easy and quick homemade pest solutions in your garden, you will have a thriving and healthy garden in no time at all.  Good luck!

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