3 MUST Know Tips to Grow Peonies

             Peonies make a wonderful and striking addition to any flower bed.  Their large feathery… Read more »

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             Peonies make a wonderful and striking addition to any flower bed.  Their large feathery blossoms will last throughout the spring and summer months.  These flowers are a great choice for both the seasoned gardener and the novice,  as they require very little ongoing maintenance when properly started and established.  

There are several important steps to planting and maintaining successful peonies.  Continue reading tips and tricks for putting you on the road to enjoying these delightful blossoms in your garden in no time at all.

           The peony plant is a well know perennial that will continue to grow and blossom year after year.  It creates a stunning visual display in your garden as they can grow up to 3 ½ feet tall.  When given the proper care and attention these plants can live for many, many years.  As a quick rule-of-thumb, peony plants will thrive with full sun exposure and well-drained soil.


           When planting peonies make sure to pick your location wisely and thoughtfully – while these plants can thrive for decades once established, they do not do well when they are re-located.  

These flowers do not like to compete for resources such as food and water.  Make sure to not plant them in close proximity to trees and shrubs.  Peonies should be planted in the fall along with your other bulbs like tulips and daffodils.


           Once you have planted your peony bulbs, experienced gardeners will tell you that these plants will take a couple of years to be fully established, have predictable growth, and bring on their lovely blooms.  Peonies should be given extra fertilizer very sparingly, usually only needed every few years.  If your plants seem to be struggling to support the weight of the large blossoms add some extra supports to the stems.  This will keep them growing straight and tall.

 Any blossoms that are faded can be removed, and the stem can be cut back to a thriving leaf so it does not stand out among the remaining flowers.  In the late fall all of the foliage can be cut back to ground level. 



           There is a large variety of peonies available for purchase.  With some knowledge and investment into your peonies when planting and maintenance through their first few years, you will be enjoying these large and lovely blooms for many years to come.



Love peony flowers?  Learn how to care for them!

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