Did you know that you can make you own insect spray?  The process is actual much more simple that you may think!  

If you or someone in your family is sensitive to chemicals, additives, or other harsh substances, then homemade insect spray is just right for you. It is also a lot cheaper to make than buying at your local store.  

One reason that many people have decided to try their hand at homemade insect spray is to avoid using DEET.  This chemical is prevalent in almost all commercially produced insect spray and is approved by the EPA.  However, a considerable portion of the population experience skin irritation or rashes, localized pain, and/or blistering to the application site.

 A small part of the population has alleged that DEET has led to significant neurological problems and deficiencies.  Wherever you stand on this topic, you know what is the best course of action for your families, and should make the best choice for your specific circumstances.

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There are several different ways to approach making your own insect spray – many people have started using essential oils for a variety of situations and ailments and that is certainly one approach.  

You can also to use dried herbs that you can grow at home in your own garden mixed with vinegar.   Water-based recipes will need more frequent re-applications but will not feel greasy or oily on the skin when applied.  Conversely, oil-based recipes will feel thicker on the skin at application but will be more effective for longer periods of time.  

Whatever you decide to do, for the youngest children among us it is suggested that you spray any bug sprays, homemade or store bought, onto their clothes, carriers, chairs, and surroundings as opposed to directly on their very sensitive skin.

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Let’s get down to the specifics – here are a couple of links to some specific homemade insect spray recipes:

        Heather at Mommypotamus has a few different recipes, both oil and water based, that are simple and straightforward. Click here for her recipes

        Katie at Wellness Mama shares her bug spray recipe that includes several specific essential oils. Click here for the essential oil recipe

        The team at Flo & Grace has come up with a simple spray specific for those pesky mosquitos.  With just a few herb-based essential oils, water, and castor oil you can be enjoying a mosquito bite free summer in no time at all!  Click here for recipes. 

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