Indoor plants are currently having a moment in the spotlight. A big moment. The homes and studios of some of our favorite bloggers, designers and insta-influencers are full of refreshing indoor plants. The use of this beautiful greenery has gained popularity across the country. 

While homes drift towards a brighter, lighter, color scheme, the crisp green of indoor plants helps reinforce the super trendy crisp green and white color scheme. Plants can also improve mood, decrease depression, and bring new life into a home. This can be especially true during rainy, cold, or grey months when seasonal depressive disorder can be a real struggle for many Americans. 

houseplants on shelves

Indoor plants not only make your home on point and luxurious, they also make your home’s air healthier.  NASA’s Clean Air Study found that house plants, “…may provide a natural way of removing toxic agents from the air, helping neutralize the effects of sick building syndrome.”  

If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for me. Some of the most commonly used air-filtering, modern, and long-living houseplants include:


Spider plant


Devil’s ivy

Lady palm


Aloe vera


Peace lily

Snake plant

Whether you choose plants for their looks, benefits, or pop of color, there are many ways to incorporate indoor plants into your home décor to bring life into your space. Within a few hours, using a little creativity, you can have a beautiful plant display to bring a whole new look to your home. 

Try using a few different varieties in different areas to spread the love throughout your home. Be sure to select plants that do well indoors and that are not high maintenance, especially if you’re a beginner. 

1.    Try creating a perch for interesting indoor plants, such as succulents or other potted plants. A self-standign perch looks beautiful on a kitchen counter or windowsill. 

indoor garden

2.    Use larger, bright colored planters to intentionally add a pop of color into your living space. Don’t be afraid to use a large planter in your home, many come on wheels for easy maneuvering. 

3.    Hang house plants from the ceiling. Canopy plants work well to create a unique hanging planter that looks nice in a corner or even over the dining table to create a beautiful, live chandelier. 

houseplants hung from ceiling

4.    Macramé is making a huge comeback. Today’s macramé is leaps and bounds from what it once was, doning a new, modern, and colorful appearance. Still, these classic pot holders are a great way to display house plants without sacrificing counter space. 

5.    Group hanging is a good way to display several plants and create a focal point in otherwise unused space. Hang your plants in one area of the home at different heights to create visual interest. 

house plants in corner

6.    Create a plant corner in any room by grouping plants together to create an intentional focal point. You can use end-tables or wall shelves to create a beautiful plant nook. 

7.    If you have an unused bookshelf gathering dust in the basement, use it to create a beautiful display in a hallway, entryway, or corner. 

houseplants on bookshelf

8.    If hanging a house plant isn’t possible or practical, you can always mount a planter to a wall. This floating ledge style can hold a collection of house plants with various heights and styles. 

9.    Plants can be a great way to fill the open space behind the sofa. You can use a small sofa table, or make your own with easy-to-find materials. This is a great way to give a polished and finished look to your living room. 

houseplants on wall and on small table

10.  Don’t be afraid to go big. A large fig or tree does very well in an ornamental planter, located in a bright corner of a bedroom or entryway. 

11.  Use the kitchen table as a great place for low-maintenance plants. Many times, a kitchen table is already placed in front of or near a window, making it a great spot for plants. 

12.  Group similar plants in one area by creating a small collection of aloe or succulents on a narrow shelf or small ledge for a big impact. 

13.  Think narrow instead of wide. A long, homemade wooden box is simple to make and is a perfect planter for indoor-friendly vines. 

indoor plant centerpiece

14.  Use unused towel racks or rods that are already near the window to hand small house plants and add a fresh look to the bathroom and capitalize on natural sunlight.

hosueplants hung from shower rod

15.  Hang small pots at varying heights near a window or use a floating shelf nearby. This creates an art-like display on nearby walls. 

16.  Wall planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Round wall planters are a popular option that can be incorporated into almost any room. You can find wall planters online, or at your local home improvement store with easy to install instructions. Be sure to use sheetrock screws or install into a stud to account for the weight of the soil. 

hosueplant on peg wall

17.  A pegboard can be a fun way to incorporate plants into a functional space. If you use a pegboard in your kitchen, office, or garage, adding plants can bring life into the space.

18.  Use an unused bar cart or portable kitchen island to create a plant cart instead. You can store your plants as well as plant food, watering can, or other plant supplies all in one easy-to-use space. 

19.  DIY pots can be a fun way to get kids involved in adding plants to your home. Get everyone involved in making beautiful ceramic pots that can be sentimental as well as functional. 

20.  Terrariums are a great way to create a low-maintenance option that still gives a pop of green to your space. You can do a hanging terrarium or a table top option depending on your space. 

terrarium indoor plant

Using plants to decorate is easy and effective. You don’t have to have a green thumb or an interior design degree. A little inspiration and the right plant choices can instantly bring a beautiful touch of nature indoors. Give it a try in an area of your home that has plenty of natural light. Once you grow your confidence with one or two small indoor plants, grow your collection to give life to other areas of your home.

Indoor houseplants can also improve mood, decrease depression, and bring new life into a home. Check out how to incorrporate plants with these home decor ideas!
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