Succulents have busted into the world of interior decorating and they aren’t going anywhere. There are so many ways of succulent displays as well. You can do for a farmhouse look with mason jars, galvanized tins, or ceramic bowls. You can take a more modern approach with clear terrariums, metallic pots, or glass containers.

succulent plants

Succulents are also easy to keep around, they require virtually no maintenance and don’t take up a lot of space. Not to mention they are just seriously so cute.

succulent plants



Here are 20 different ways to display succulents in your home, office, hallway, bathroom, front porch, backyard, kitchen table, wedding, party…well, you get the idea. Enjoy!  

succulent flowers

succulent plants

Make your own letter box or grab one at hobby lobby.  The letter are usually wood lined, but with a mesh backing to allow air to the soil and roots. These are beautiful, but do require watering them by hand every other day.

succulent plants

My boys would love to make these dinos!

succulent plants

succulent in jars

These happy little plants can be displayed virtually anywhere in any type of container. You can find something you love at the vintage store, the hardware store, or your basement, and create a beautiful succulent display in seconds. Not to mention, succulents are inexpensive, and come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, making it easy to create a display you love.succulent plantssucculent TOWERsucculent plants

succulent plants

Succulents are a great option for those who have less of a green thumb than most, because they don’t require much maintenance. You don’t have to check the soil, ensure drainage, provide sunlight, know a magic spell, or talk to them to make them grow. They just are there, like a good friend, greeting you every morning with their bright colors and fun shapes.

succulent plantssucculent plants in logsucculent plants on turtle

This little turtle is adorable.  My garden needs him.  Grab 4 terra cotta pots for legs, an upside down flower hanger for this shell and some wired moss for his head.  He is my next project this weekend and I can’t wait!!

succulent plantssucculent wreath

Succulent displays can even become a front door wreath.  Make sure the door you are hanging this beauty on is not in direct sunlight.  If so, you beautiful flowers will not last.  Succulents need plenty of cool shade to thrive.

We all love succulent plants! Check out these fun ways to display them!
Creative and cute ways to decorate with succulent plants!
Fun ways to use succulents in your home decor this spring!
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